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There are many reasons why you need to visit the city of Beijing.
However, before visiting this beautiful city, it is good you learn the history of the country and the history of city itself. Beijing city is the capital of the People’s Republic of China commonly known as China. China is a country full of history. In the whole world, China is the most populous state.
It is a country with over 1.35 billion people many living in the capital city, Beijing. There are many expats and tourists visiting this great city everyday. If you are planning to visit Beijing, there is a reason to smile because the climate is the favorable. You can visit China any month without minding about the climate.
A visit in Beijing has so many good things to offer especially to a tourist. For example when visiting Beijing, the tourist attractions to see during your holidays are so many. One attraction you cannot miss to see is the Great Wall of China. The Great wall is found in Beijing city.
It is believed there are more than one million tourists visiting Beijing every year just to see this great wall. The Great Wall of China is the longest and the greatest wall in the entire world. The reason it is visited by many tourists is because it is among the Seven Wonders.
You cannot have a trip in Beijing and fail to visit the museums in the city. The museums in the city are full of Chinese history. One great museum is the Beijing capital museum. The museum is open to the public with many exhibitions for people to visit. Other places you can visit when in Beijing include Forbidden City, temple of heaven, Olympic sites where like the place where Usain bolt broke both 100m and 200m world records at the Olympic.
If you are sleeping in Beijing, there are many five star hotels available for. You can sleep in the Beijing airport or visit many attractive hotels near the airport. When in these hotels, you will find the best Chinese foods. You will find Beijing foods found in restaurants and hotels across the whole city.
You will also find the most delicious Chinese cuisines being served in any part of the city you visit. The famous Beijing dishes include: Peking duck, this is the most loved delicacy in Beijing. Also known as Beijing roast duck, it has a tender meat that is sliced and rolled in thin pancakes.
Another famous food is Gong Bao Ji Ding. This is a dish for chicken lovers. It is a spicy chicken dish with vegetables and peanuts. Jiaozi is another food dishes available almost in any place across the city if Beijing. It is a comfort food that is cooked in skillet and not boiling. The food can be served with chile oil, vinegar and soy sauce.
You may not know but the Chinese people are known to eat everything. There are many unusual foods being served in the city. So when visiting Beijing, be curious and visit the night market where you can find fried creepy crawlies and scorpions.

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