5 Things To Do With A Used Wedding Dress

For a bride choosing a wedding dress is far from a whimsical, off the cuff decision. Most of us spend days, even weeks pouring over catalogues, taking trips to shops and browsing online to find the dress to suit us.
We then spend hundreds and thousands of pounds buying them and then having them altered to fit us and make us look beautiful on that one day. However, the day after the wedding what do you do with this much loved piece of fabric. Well, fortunately we have a few ideas for you.
Trash It
One of the increasingly common and ‘creative’ things to do is to engage in the trash the dress photograph shoot. This photo shoot is a good riddance rite of passage to all the wedding related organisation that may have taken over your life in the months gone by. Husbands also often attend to destroy the beacon of pressure that is the dress by throwing it overboard on ships, off quarries and into mud and muck. It often makes an amazing photo shoot and is a sure fire way to rid you of the dress.
With all the alterations and loving that your dress has gotten, why not pass it on and do a little more with it. There’s no doubt a lot of married couples will have children in a short period of time of getting married and turning the dress into a christening gown for the child is kind and thoughtful thing to do. Use a good dress alterations person and it can be a beautiful dress and even more beautiful sentiment.
Bridal charity shops are all over the world and so many people go looking for their one of dress there. By donating your dress to a bridal shop it is reused and also gets a good home again and maybe again and again after that.
Sell It
Of course, the online marketplace can be a great way to recoup some of the often large costs paid on a dress. Use the likes of eBay or other sites to put your dress up and you’ll soon see people come flocking with offers for your piece. Just try not to get too sentimental when you pack it off.
Save It
Initially after the big day it can be hard to know what to do with the dress, so the first thing to do is to have it cleaned and then pack it and save it. If you wish to do any of the above to it you can go right ahead and do so in time. Alternatively, perhaps fashion will return and you will be able to hand it down to your daughter.
Your wedding dress is special and so you should do something with it that you remember and either benefits you or others.
Cormac Reynolds writes for LYST.com and has an interest in both photography and fashion