Drinking The Bahamas: Relaxing With Rum!

Relaxing with Rum!

For those who are new to the world of chartered yachts, you will find this kind of vacation to be exhilarating. Every morning presents you with a new view; every island has new terrain, activities, and people. There is so much in store that it can be overwhelming. A seasoned charterer knows to sit back, relax, and absorb the atmosphere like a pro! And an island cocktail is the perfect pairing for this scene.
Bahama Breeze
Though rum is mostly associated with other Caribbean islands, the Bahamas have seen some rum production over the years as well. Refining sugar and producing rum used to be a mainstay of Harbour Island, which is now a popular spot because of its charming Dunmore Town. If your charter stops here, enjoy a stroll around the village and then raise a glass to the sugar crops of yore.
You should definitely incorporate Nassau into your itinerary too, and while you’re there, go to East Bay Street’s Rum Cake Factory for the house specialty. This buttery, fragrant dessert will go with any delicious meal that your on board chef prepares. Then cap off a quiet evening on the yacht with some duty free rum that you purchased in town! Ask your captain if a day trip to Rum Cay can be arranged for you to visit its ruins and reefs. Also, the north coast of Rum Cay has good surf for those in search of water activities.
Caribbean Cool
Elsewhere in the Caribbean you can find many different rums to suit any palate. Production in Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic has spilled on to the drink menus of bars all over the Caribbean. Grenada, a.k.a. the “Spice Island,” might enhance your rum-based beverage with nutmeg while a bartender in Antigua would push the Dark ’n Stormy, which is rum with ginger beer.  Whether it be light, dark, or spiced, rum is the ubiquitous drink of the Caribbean islands.
Top 5 Tropical Drinks
Bahama Mama
. This crowd pleaser features two different rums, coconut juice, Kahlua, and fresh pineapple.
. Commonly known in New Orleans, this bright, fruity drink goes down well in any warm climate. Mix lime juice with passion fruit syrup and add rum.
Mai Tai
. How can you go wrong with a drink whose name in Tahitian means “Good”? Combine rum, triple sec, simple syrup, and sweet & sour mix. Don’t forget the cherry!
. Totally refreshing and distinctly Caribbean. Muddle fresh mint with sugar, then add lime, light rum, and club soda. Enjoy!
Pina Colada
. Everyone’s favorite beach companion. Blend rum, coconut cream, and pineapple with ice and serve in a frosty glass with a tiny umbrella.
Your charter yacht adventure will include sunbathing, swimming, shopping, and site seeing. You will experience everything you plan to do, and it will all be at a leisurely pace. You’ll see beautiful beaches, hear rolling waves, and touch powder fine sand. Just don’t forget to taste and smell the Caribbean cuisine! No trip is complete without trying the food and drink at your destination. Rum running didn’t end with the repeal of Prohibition… take home a bottle of the good stuff yourself!
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