Suspect Infidelity? 4 Signs Your Spouse May Be Having an Affair

Infidelity in a relationship can be damaging to even the most emotionally strong people. In most relationships, there is an expectation that each person will be faithful, honest, and committed under any circumstance. It isn’t always easy to tell if your spouse is having an affair, but there are a few signs that may be red flags. If you have noticed any of the following things, it may be time to start asking questions.

They Are Protective Over Their Devices

If your partner suddenly changes their passwords that you once knew, forbids you to use their phone or laptop, or stops using their devices when you are around, this could be an indication that they are having an affair. It is important to note that they could also be planning a surprise for you, especially if there is an important event coming up. This alone isn’t enough evidence to convict unless it carries on long-term.

Your Partner’s Attitude Changes Negatively

If your partner’s attitude drastically gets worse, this could be a sign that they are cheating, especially if they start playing the blame game. They may tell themselves that what they are doing is okay because you don’t cook as often, or your appearance has changed. While there is no excuse for infidelity, cheaters will take any small thing as a rationalization and may start blaming you for everything. If this type of behavior shows up out of nowhere, your partner may be unfaithful.

Money Is Missing

If you have a shared bank account with your spouse, this may be one of the first indicators that something is off. Cheating is not a cheap game. The person on the other end may have no idea that you exist and will expect to go on dates, eat dinner together, and receive gifts. If your spouse can’t give a reasonable answer to these expenses, it’s definitely time to investigate.

Less Intimacy Between You and Your Spouse

Physical and emotional intimacy are both very important in a healthy marriage. While every night may not be as steamy as your honeymoon, there is a vulnerability and an unspoken bond between two people who are exclusively intimate. If your partner seems suddenly withdrawn from sex and pillow talk, this could be a sign of infidelity if you notice other red flags with it.
While these signs don’t indicate infidelity 100 percent of the time, cheating happens every day. If you discovered that your spouse was unfaithful, you might need divorce lawyer services to get what you deserve.