Dental Tourism In Thailand: Why Dental Tourists Flock Into The Country?

Thailand is a magical place to visit with its beaches, nightlife and great food. But in recent times those are not the only reason why tourists are eager to visit the country. Thailand has found a place in the map as a dental tourism destination catering for thousands of dental tourists every year. So the obvious questions are why the tourists would want to be treated in Thailand while dental care is available in their own countries? Also, why Thailand and not any other country?
Well, let us now discuss the answers.
The Rising Cost of Dental Care in the Western World
The cost of dental care and treatment have spiraled out so uncontrollably in the west that many of the patients feel like they have to spend a fortune to be properly treated there. Meanwhile, South East Asian countries like Thailand offer the same quality treatment for a much lesser price. In fact, dental care in Thailand costs only 10 % of its cost in the United States! Now, that is one big reason why dental tourists arrive in such large numbers to Thailand.
Thailand Provides International Quality Dental Care
Though money is the primary reason in choosing a destination for treatment, there is emphasis on quality too. Another reason why tourists are attracted to Thailand is that its dental care practitioners and the facilities in dental clinics are on par with the rich countries. Many of the world renowned doctors in the field of dental makeover and dental implants practice in Thailand. All the clinics caring for medical tourists provide state-of -the art facilities. The doctors here are well versed in using the latest technologies and the newest equipment.
Wide Range of Treatment Options at Affordable Prices
Thailand can be called as the capital of dental tourism. It offers a wide range of treatment options at affordable prices. Dental implants are very cheap compared to the western world. Thailand offers great service in other dental care areas like dental veneers, dental crowns and bridges, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics and dental surgery. Other new and exciting areas which are proving to be crowd pullers are Invisalign treatment (transparent dental braces) and immediate functioning implants.
Great Patient Care
Thailand’s dental clinics are famous for providing great care to dental tourists. The clinics here have an all English speaking staff that is eager to help the tourists in any issue arising during their stay. Hence, one of the crippling problems that tourists face in a foreign country, language barrier, can be removed from the scene.
Easy Access to the Country
Thailand promotes tourism as it is one of the most revenue making area for the country. Millions of tourists from all over the world visit the country every year and it wouldn’t have been possible without a well-connected air travel system. Thailand’s capital Bangkok has non-stop flights arriving from almost all major countries in the world. The country is well connected to its neighboring countries like Singapore and Malaysia by great train and bus services.
Thailand is a perfect place for mixing pleasure with treatment, especially in the field of dental care. No wonder why there are so many tourists arriving here with a ‘dental holiday plan’.

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John Chen is a travel writer currently located in Bangkok, Thailand.

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