Top Ways To Remove The Nail Polish

In the current trend, most of the women prefer to keep their nails polished with different colors with the help of nail polish kits. Any person who is addicted to applying nail polish would very well know that there is a requirement for a nail polish remover at some point of time. There are varieties of choices available in the market that also includes certain branded items. Choosing the right remover is a daunting task. Certain removers might contain acetones as a part of their chemical formation which is actually bad for the health as it contains harmful fumes. But to remove darker polish from the nails, acetone mixed remover only can be used since it would be effective & for a pale polish, acetone free removers can be preferred.

The general tools that would be used for polish removal are cotton balls, cosmetic pads or paper towels. The selection is dependent on the choice of the user. The removal process is usually by applying the remover with cotton balls on to the nails with some pressure rather than sliding it up & down. The hands need to be washed before & after the removal of the polish. A remover can also be used in case of accidents such as polish spilling onto the floor or carpet. The nail polish remover usually contains acetone as a main ingredient. There are other ingredients which are used for the manufacturing of the product.

Top Ways To Remove The Nail Polish

The possible health problem that acetone can cause are eye discomfort if the remover comes into contact with the eyes, nails becoming dry due to over exposure or continuous exposure of acetone. Also, breathing the remover might lead to nausea, headache, lightheadedness, respiratory irritation & unconsciousness. Hence, these kinds of polish removers / polish are not advisable to be used at the time or pregnancy. The nail remover is an organic solvent containing chemicals. There are water based nail removers which does not contain toxic element & hence can be recommended for use.

Most popular types of nail removers are as follows. Liquid bottle – This is the cheapest source of remover available & we should be using tissue or cotton balls to remove. Remover pads – These are pads which are available saturated with nail remover. The pad needs to be wiped over the nails to remove the polish. This is a very convenient way of nail removing. For a given amount of money, the pads that we receive will be very less & hence this is costly. Jar – A sponge will be provided along with the jar where the fingers need to be placed & the polish to be removed. This will be quicker than other nail remover since sponge contains small quantity of abrasive that helps polish to be removed better. The sponge needs to occasionally cleaned / replaced. Remover pen – The product will be in the form of a simple pen. This is very popular due to the control & hence there will not be any mess such as spilling & the skin also will be less likely to be dry.

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