Motorcycle Apparels – 5 Main Ingredients

Riding a bike is a lot different than riding it with style. Getting styles, in vogue bike and then riding it casually without using complementary attire can just bring down the image of the bike and the rider. Getting a prefect complementary attire can; however, be a real challenge when it comes to bikers apparels. Bikers’ apparels should not only be good looking but also comfortable as these are the core requirements and should not be compromised. The following article will help you select apparels that are a must for your biking wardrobe:

  • Helmets are the first and foremost thing noticed of riders. Besides being necessary for safety, helmet also adds to the entire biking phenomena. Traditionally, the bikers preferred black, padded helmets but now a wide range of colors, graphics, paints and styles are noticed on the helmets of real stylish bikers. The designs range from flashes, lightning to tribal tattoos, skeletons, skulls, etc. The choices of colors are also limitless and bikers tend to match the design and the color of their helmet graphics with the design and color of the graphics on their bike. Remember while selecting a helmet, never ever compromise on the quality and comfort as helmets ensure your safety while riding.
  • Next to helmet comes your cloth material. Cloth material not only enhances your look but also ensures comfort and safety against road rashes, etc. in case of a fall. Real bikers prefer leather clothing while they are out to make a public entry. Leather also protects against any flies, insects and dirt that may affect your performance while riding. A sleek stylish leather enhances your look and adds to the comfort. Get a suit that fits you well.
  • The Jacket – Biker without a jacket doesn’t sound very good. Biking jackets are not the same as worn in streets otherwise. Compromising on biking jacket would mean compromising on safety and even style. Just like the rest of the clothing, jacket has to be made of leather as well. Fine leather jacket with inner linings and designs that matches your bike and helmet will add to your look. You can find the jackets in a wide range of colors from traditional black to striking red, breezy blue, shining yellow and what not. Nowadays yellow, white, red and blue jackets are mostly in demand. While buying for a jacket, do not go for a cheap jacket it will not serve the purpose. Select a renowned manufacturer that guarantees the use of top class leather and produces most refined jackets. A perfect jacket will have air vents on the sides and will fit you smartly to enhance your body curves and give real cool, sexy look.
  • Next to the jackets, pants are the noticeable cloth that bikers should pay attention to. Biker’s pants come with features such as waterproof, extra elastic, knee and hip armor and insulation. The pants have to follow the style of jackets to make a perfect shot.
  • Do not overlook your shoes when dressing up for a stylish ride. Flip flops and sinkers do not go well for bikers. Biking shoes have rigid heals and body. The choice of wearing long shoes or low rise is all open to the bikers but they should blend well with the overall attire.

Remember, stylish attire for bikers has to ensure safety and comfort standards as well. Compromising on any can affect your riding performance.

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Johnny is a fanatic biker who doesnt miss a chance to ride his mountain bike on weekends. He is crazy about Bike Graphics. He just bought Cool Graphics from OMX Graphics for his bike.