Solar Energy

Solar Energy

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Grid metering is the process of running a metre in reverse when a user feeds energy into the device rather than collecting it, and charging the user for the “grid” amount of energy collected. It is used in “on the grid” domestic energy systems , which means that the home is still connected to the system of the energy provider and relies for convenience on commercial energy output.

A net metering system feeds power into the grid from the home production system which can be sold to other customers by the utilities. During times when the house produces energy (usually from a solar or wind energy system) and more energy is fed into the grid than is extracted from it, the accounting system of the utility “paid” the customer for this energy in the form of a credit that can be used to purchase

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With the generation of Solar Photovoltaic energy, which is combined with the result of net-metering, there has been a massive increase in prosumers rate. Because of this, the revenue for the network infrastructure has been decreased, which happens at a rapid pace.

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The generation of Solar Photovoltaic electricity, combined with the consequence of net-metering, has resulted in a significant increase in the rate of prosumers. Because of this, the network service income has been limited, which is occurring at a quick rate.

One of the many reasons people from all over Pakistan favour net metering is because it results in less loss of electricity. This helps us to get the best Internet access.

The credit is limited to compensate for the electricity used at periods when more energy is generated from the grid than added to it. When more energy is consumed than produced at the end of the month

Net Meters Cost:

We do not charge a single Rupee for Zorays Solar Clients to upgrade your existing metre with bidirectional reverse metre. If you want to buy one, however, we charge you the exact price of the demand notice somewhere about Rs. 11500/- only as a promotional price against the net metering initiative of WAPDA. The expense to Bahria Electric Company is Rs. 25,000/-

The main benefit of net metering is comfort. A home energy system with net metering does not have to generate 100 per cent of the power required by the building. It is also unnecessary, with net metering, to provide most of the additional equipment that is used in an off grid system. For example, the homeowner does not need batteries for the storage. The energy which appliances use is derived from the commercial uses.

This is particularly useful as a home energy system is not usually generating its energy at suitable times. For example, a solar system has full output potential during the daytime hours, but most energy consumption occurs at night. That is why it requires artificial lighting. Typically it’s when people are at home too.

NEPRA Net Measuring Regulations

Net metering does not require any special equipment, in spite of the term. Generally, electrical metres are designed so they can operate in any direction. An electrical utility would only need to make use of the accounting procedures and appropriate policies to enforce net metering. Zorays Solar Pakistan offers Net Metering Consultancy to take advantage of NEPRA DG License. Underneath

Completion and scrutiny with Diagrams of all Nepra Schedule’s.
LESCO & IESCO approval of case.
Site inspection and satisfactory post inspection reports.
Acceptance & implementation of all Application-related documentation.
NEPRA supervision and acquisition of DG License.


Because net metering is a billing system that may occur electrically, with the aid of this, consumers are enabled to produce their own electricity at any time of day, month, season or year.

Rather than waiting for it to be generated, it has proved extremely useful for renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, as well as non-dispatchable sources.

Recently , the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority presented its Net Metering plant with an alternative energy production board authorising those vendors only after these requirements had been met. Conservation is the lowest possible cost (net solar) alternative to high energy bills. If everybody were to reduce their consumption by 20 percent, 20 percent more money will remain in your pocket

Similarly, getting your free energy and being able to sell the excess back at a very lucrative rate could be equally vocal. Recently , the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority presented its “net metering” programme to the public in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Lahore. This net metering plan credits customers for the electricity they produce that exceeds the electricity they consume after every three years

Compare this net metering scheme to pay a monthly electricity bill and get no investment return. Net metering is a billing arrangement by means of which a net metre (bi-directional metre) is mounted on any Grid Connected Renewable Energy System (Solar and Wind Power System) that imports electricity when solar power is less than necessary And it exports electricity when electricity generation is more than demand through the solar system and at the end of the month the utility company sends a monthly net metre bill, thus saving consumers who sell their excess electricity and benefiting the utility from having solar electricity for other consumers to use when Renewable System exports electricity.