Top Four Tablet Computers On The Market

Industry experts expect the tablet PC market to boom over the next five years, with consumers becoming increasingly interested in the products available to them. Most of us may think that the tablet computer industry begins and ends with the iPad, but there are actually a large number of fantastic devices out there that will suit almost anyone’s requirements. Here are the four best tablet computers that the devellopers currently have to offer.

Apple iPad

As already mentioned, the iPad is what most people think of when they hear the words “tablet computer”. There’s probably good reason for this, Apple’s design whizz-kids have created yet another exciting product to tempt the consumer. The iPad is currently the best-selling tablet in the world and was the first device to realise the true potential of tablet computing. The iPad is now used across the world in business meetings, classrooms and believe it or not, by flight attendants on aeroplanes. The only thing that puts potential customers off about the iPad is the price; it costs double what many of its competitors do.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD

What originally started life as Amazon’s project to provide reasonably-priced e-readers to its customers has turned into an interesting line of tablet computers. Although the Kindle Fire still works as an e-reader, it now provides users with complex web-browsing, games, apps, music and video playing functions. Also equipped with a camera and an HD, non-glare screen, the Kindle is half the price of the iPad and Amazon recently announced that it only breaks even on Kindles as their business plan is to make their profit from the sale of apps and e-books instead. What this means is the consumer gets a great product for a very reasonable price.

Asus Nexus 7

Google have developed the Nexus 7 with hardware company Asus as they announced their intention to compete with Apple and Amazon for a share of the tablet computer market. The Nexus 7 runs a full Android operating system, whereas the Kindle uses a modified version, it’s also considered a premium Android device, which means owners will be among the first to be able to install updates to the operating system on their device. The tablet is the first of its kind to come installed with Google’s extremely popular web browser, Chrome. The build quality and value for money that the Nexus 7 offers has been noted by a number of industry reviewers.

Microsoft Surface

The Surface is a huge part of Microsoft’s make or break launch of Windows 8. The tablet runs the brand new operating system which in all honesty seems more at home on a tablet computer rather than a desktop PC anyway. The unique selling point of the Surface is its removable touch keyboard, which can be folded over to double up as a screen cover for when the device is not in use. The Surface looks sleek and innovative, yet its price point means it will come into direct competition with the iPad, which is an unenviable position to be in.
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