Custom T-Shirts For A Fun Event

This week is the Great Canadian Beer Fest in my home city of Victoria British Columbia Canada. Lots of cities are having events like this. I first went to this about 6 years ago and enjoyed it. But haven’t been back since.

It’s a great event that started small. It was mostly just local beer breweries from Victoria and across the way in Vancouver. But this event has grown and is now attracting breweries from all over the Pacific Northwest of North America and from Eastern Canada.

It’s always a great event that is two days. The Friday night is the night where you really enjoy the brews. This is because all the breweries have not yet run out of beer. And because the Saturday is a gong show with tons of people who are really drunk.

This Saturday there are about 12 of my friends going. During some Facebook messages it was decided that we should create some fun custom t-shirts Victoria BC so we can stand out in the crowd and find eachother easier. As I mentioned the Saturday is a gong show with lots of people. So it’s easy to lose track of your friends. Thus the idea to get some t-shirts made for us. Part of the fun of this event is getting drunk with your friends.

We had to decided what to get put on our custom t-shirts. The beauty of getting t-shirts created was because we had so many options. This made it hard to choose what we all should get. We wanted to be sure our shirts stood out and would be seen from a ways away.

The color was going to be key and obviously we choose something bright. We went with a bright neon yellow. Next up was what to put on these shirts. Was it going to be a graphic? A bunch of silly nicknames? In the end we all have decided to have a really bad picture of ourselves, picked out by another friend, printed on the shirt. It was done like a secret Santa where we all had to pick a name of a friend then go through their Facebook profile pictures and choose the worst picture.

The goal was obviously to choose and embarrassing one. But the chances are good that all of us will embarrass ourselves being so drunk like everyone else.

We then had to choose where to get out custom shirts created. We did some searching and found Pewter Graphics in Victoria. The staff was great and easy to deal with. They had our shirts created in only two days which was great because we came up with the idea only a week before the event.