How To Avoid Cyberbullying?

Only a few days ago, on the 22nd of February, Charlotte Dawson committed suicide because of depression. This high profile woman was a television personality who was even part of an anti-bullying campaign. She was very public about her depression, and yet, Twitter trolls didn’t stop bullying her. This went on for two years until her death.If this woman, who had fame and money, had succumbed to her depression, what more for the regular person or child who doesn’t know how to speak up? Also, using software’s like Mobistealth help parents to monitor whats going on their computers.

Cyberbullying isn’t just something that happens online. Being insulted or angered is but the tip of the iceberg for people who’ve experienced this crime. People often underestimate the reality of the depression it triggers. Victims are often brushed off as being “too sensitive.” So what can you do to avoid the same thing from happening to you or your loved-ones? Below are a few tips to help you permanently avoid cyberbullying:

  • Value your Privacy

All your personal details and contact info shouldn’t be written for the eyes of the public. This works not only to keep you safe, but people who live in your household as well. Don’t give the bullies the option to terroriseyou offline as well.

  • Keep your Cool

Truly, this is the best thing you have to practice if you’re going online—whether or not you’re exposed to cyberbullying. This always determines the outcome of the situation. Keeping your cool means responding calmly whenever someone trolls or flames you. You can apply these stress-relieving steps:

  • You count 1-10 and 10-1.
  • Take deep breaths.
  • Sleep it off.
  • Take a shower.
  • Chew gum.


  • Don’t believe everything you Read

If there’s one sure thing about the Internet, it’s that you can’t predict how people are going to react. Bullies will hurt you and tell you things that’ll drive you a little crazy. That is, if you believe them. If you choose to ignore them, you’re always the victor at the end. Keep in mind that these people don’t really know you personally.

  • Keep a Copy of All your Messages

Learn how to print-screen your conversations, especially if you feel you’re under attack. For Windows users, here are a few quick instructions: press the PrntScr button on your keyboard, go to paint, press Ctrl+V, and save as .jpeg. For Mac users, its Ctrl+Shift+3, and the image is saved automatically on your desktop. Having evidence will always work to your advantage. You can forward this to the authorities or the website itself to report the bully.

  • Don’t give them the Bullets to Fire at you

Simply said, play it smart. Be cautious. The Internet is a fun place, but it could also be a very dangerous place to be. It’s your job to take care of yourself first before other people can step in to help. Don’t add fuel to the flame because you’ll only get burnt.

  • Turn it Off

The best way to stop triggering or being victim of cyberbullying is as simple as turning your device off.  Keep your profiles private. Sometimes, you need to take a break from social media to get back to your real life.

  • Finally be nice

For as long as you have the well-being of others in mind, you wouldn’t have to do or say anything that may trigger a bullying attack towards you. If you don’t want to be cyberbullied, it goes both ways. Don’t use the perks of having a fast broadband connection to bully others as well.

Don’t let cyberbullying take control of your life. Speak out and seek help when you’re being bullied. Most of all, don’t give cyberbullies the power to hurt you because these are merely people who don’t know what to do with their own lives.

Israel is a writer for Money Hero, a fast growing online comparison guide based in Hong Kong. The site helps its visitors find the best credit card, loan, insurance and broadband deals that will fit their needs and budget.