What Your Necklace Pendant Says About You

In this wide world of fashion jewelry for women, there are two dominant shapes trending for necklace pendants; the circle and the square. The teardrop or pear shape has long been associated with fine jewelry but we are now seeing this shape trending in custom design jewelry as well. When selecting your pendant one might wonder three things: what attracts us to our selected shape, what draws us to one shape more than the other and what, if any, is the symbolic meaning of what that shape represents?


Perhaps the most recognized shape globally acknowledged as symbolic with the sun, is the circle. The circle has no edges, corners, sides, beginnings or ends. It is limitless without boundaries or divisions. The circle represents eternity, integrity, boundlessness, and unity. Wearing a circle pendant conveys a timeless look represented by its symbolic meaning of infinity. A circle may convey you are a spiritual person living for eternity and connected to mother earth and the sun. Circles have also served as symbolic representations of the four elements combined: water, earth, wind and fire. If you choose a circle as your pendant of choice you may be being drawn to the completeness and wholeness the combined elements exemplify.


Due to it’s four sides, the square has often been linked to symbolizing the materialistic world. The four seasons: winter, spring, summer, and fall are one of it’s representations. Squares are also believed to symbolize the four cardinal directions: north, south, east and west. Wearing a square pendant indicates direction, stability, equality, structure, harmony and balance. If you are drawn to the square it is likely that you are a well rounded person unlike the actual shape itself! We see the square repeatedly in our daily life through buildings, homes and the growing of cities. The square may appeal to you because of its familiarity and mathematically programmed appeal. It is logical and structured. If you choose a square as your pendant of choice it is likely you are more a person who thinks with reason and lives within that means. The square has also been thought to represent the four life stages: birth, child, adult and death.

Tear Drop Or Pear Shape

The Tear Drop pendant has been thought to be represented well by it’s name the tear drop. It has been said to represent sorrow, tears, grief and pain. Though this may seem a dismal discovery, the significance of the shape suggest a persons ability to release these feelings, demonstrating strength and courage. If you are drawn to the tear drop shaped pendant it is likely you are a strong person who has overcome many hardships, trials and tribulations. The tear drop parallels the shape of a rain drop; this symbolizes a connection to water, earth, rejuvenation and growth. If you choose a tear drop shaped pendant you convey maturity, growth and development. The tear drop can also represent tears of joy and spin a romantic twist on the tears themselves.

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