7 Reasons Companies are Turning to SEO

At long last, companies are realizing how important online marketing efforts are. Also, they’re beginning to understand how SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays such a huge part in a successful online marketing campaign. Here are the factors driving businesses to engage in SEO efforts, and how each can help your business grow.

1. SEO Offers Instant Access to Search Engines

When your webpages are effectively crafted using SEO strategies, search engines automatically know what your pages are about. So, when an interested shopper looks for what you’ve got, they find you without any hassle. Companies do this effectively by researching the terms customers are most frequently searching and crafting articles targeted at those keywords. For example, if you’re a travel agency, you might target key terms like, “cheap Miami vacations,” or, “best Florida vacations.”

2. SEO Helps Current Customers Find You

SEO also helps your current customer base find you easily. Even the catchiest brand names are hard for people to recall exactly. Say your customer remembers that the bought your widgets, and can remember your name has Doctor in the title, but can’t remember the rest of your name. SEO makes it easy for this customer to search for, “doctor widget,” and find your company, “Doctor’s Order Widgets.”

3. SEO Brings in High Quality Customers

The people most likely to open their pocketbooks are those who want to buy what you’ve got. By engaging in SEO, you attract only people looking for your product, not just any casual browser on the Internet. This is the best way to lure customers who aren’t just playing around, they’re seriously looking to buy your product.

4. SEO Is Inexpensive

Recent economic woes are causing even the most solid companies to look for ways to cut their advertising budgets. SEO is an inexpensive way to attract high quality, serious shoppers. Some companies do this in-house very effectively, and others are able to hire copy writing firms for a fraction of what other national and international advertising campaigns cost.

5. SEO Allows You to Target Your Competitors’ Disadvantages

In a poor economy, the first thing most businesses cut is their advertising budget. If you’re still in the ad game (even if it’s on a more limited budget) you’re well ahead of your competitors. SEO is an excellent way to keep customers coming when other businesses are losing sales for lack of marketing funds.

6. SEO Puts You in Touch With Your Local Audience

Local audiences once used traditional phone books to find businesses that fit their needs. Now they use search engines. But often times they use a hybrid and search for businesses online while wanting to find results that help like a phone book. So, make sure to use the YellowPages United About page to get tips for making sure your businesses is visible on online versions of phone books.

7. SEO Puts You in Touch With a Global Audience

The best thing about doing business online is the virtually limitless supply of buyers for your products and services. This global marketplace is at your fingertips if you’ve engaged in smart SEO webpages. Anyone, anywhere can easily find your offerings via a quick keyword search.
SEO is something that all business need to incorporate into their marketing strategy if they want to stay relevant in the world of online business, so take some tips from the pros and get started now.