The Exquisite Hidden Travel Gems for Visitors to New Zealand

New Zealand, the small island country in the Southern Hemisphere, and the native home of the indigenous Maoris, has some truly exquisite travel experience even for the veteran visitor. These gems offer a life-changing experience like nothing else, as the travelers return from New Zealand with a deep sense of awe towards the grandeur of Natural beauty. The country has its fair share of myths and legends, famous for the mysterious hobbits. The country also has the most conducive climate for the production of the Sauvignon Blanc. Nature blessed the island country with most beautiful sceneries and experiences. The beauty travels beyond description in inspiring amazement and a deep sense of universal appreciation.

The Dark Sky Reserve at Aoraki Mackenzie

Visitors to the dark sky reserve say that they feel like being amidst the most amazing grandeur of the heavens. The rising silent cliffs since the ages of time frame the most amazing sky extravaganza during the night. The reserve is remarkably pristine and visitors can actually get to remember how the world was before the menace of pollution shrouded the vision. The amazing southern sky is a must-go place even for old stargazers. Only the southern hemisphere offers stargazers to look at the neighboring galaxies of the milky way, known as the Magellanic clouds. The dark sky reserve is the perfect space for an ethereal experience. Once can also see the rise of the star cluster Matariki, symbolizing the beginning of the Maori New Year.  

The Beautiful Under-sea Rainbow Warrior

Greenpeace is a well-known international organization fighting to save the Nature from exploitation. The Rainbow Warrior has always been the ship of hope for millions of climate crusaders across the world. As if, in keeping up with the hopes and beauty of natural preservation, the submerged Rainbow Warrior is now a beautiful home for the sea anemones. Genuine tourists are by their very nature, conservationists at heart. So, the New Zealand Government offers tourists an opportunity to visit the old warrior at the bottom of the sea. Quite coincidentally, the colorful sea anemones enveloping the ship in soft love do send out the impression of the rainbow. Tourists describe it as an amazing experience to travel to the depths of the Poor Knights marine reserve.

The Pukaki Lake and the Charming Creek

The densely vibrant blue of the lake at the base of glaciers at Mackenzie Bay offers an amazing experience to the tourists in love with blue. The Charming Creek valley, located about 10 km from the Seddonville dilapidated mining settlement offers a refreshing jungle walk. Many visitors describe the experience as ‘charming’ as the most apt expression. The 3-hour trek takes one to a summit that overlooks the majestic Mangatini Falls. At the end of the trek, visitors can find the local pub just a few minutes away.    

The Kerosene Creek

Although the name is admittedly uninspiring, yet the Kerosene Creek regularly sees visitors heading to the natural geothermal springs. The comfortable average temperature in the creek provides a new experience to visitors who can conveniently beat the cold with an all-natural experience.