Vibrant Garden: How to Showcase Your Yard

Vibrant Garden: How to Showcase Your Yard

Your garden can be a labor of love with the minimum amount of effort. Getting a vibrant garden is nothing more than careful planning. Here are some tips to help you showcase your garden and yard.

Add Texture

There are lots of different plants and pairings that you can use in order to create texture. Leaf shape, size, and color can provide a perfect backdrop in order to showcase your whole yard. Some plants are spikier in nature. Pairing these with some low-lying, softer greens can give you the look that you want in your yard. Add in stonework to complete the look and feel of your garden.

Light It Up

Landscape lighting design is for more than just lighting up walkways. You can use it to highlight specific features or plants in your yard. Add in spotlights around a water feature so that you can enjoy your garden anytime during the day or night. There are a variety of different types of lighting that may work well in your yard. For a yard that gets more sunlight, solar lighting may be the best solution. Use your lighting in conjunction with your plants to create even more texture.

Consider the Height

Tall plants should be placed towards the back of your flower beds. This will allow lower plants and groundcover to be better displayed. Consider the height of the plants before you put them in the ground. It can look out of place to have taller plants up front blocking out smaller plants. Another thing to consider is your placement of trees around your home. Research the size at maturity and the root growth pattern so that the trees don’t end up causing damage to your roof or foundation.

Spice It Up

Color is a good way to add a little bit of spice into your yard. Use contrasting colors so that you can get the best effect you’re looking for. Another way to spice up your yard is to have plants that serve a double purpose. Herbs can not only look beautiful, but they can be useful in the kitchen. Larger herb bushes, such as rosemary, help to emit a pleasing smell in your yard. There are lots of unique ways that you can showcase your yard and take it up to the next level.

A vibrant garden starts with a plan and ends with a flourish. Use these tips to help you create your own style when it comes to showcasing your yard to the best effect.