4 Tips For Accessorizing Your Car

Inject your personality into your car. Accessorize your ride effectively by customizing your car with a vision in mind.

Most drivers spend hours cruising daily so it makes sense to create a stylized, personalized driving experience.

Go easy on accessorizing. Adding too many stuffed animals and decals is not only tacky but can also create a distraction leading to car accidents.

Use these 4 tips to effectively accessorize your ride.

Go with a Specific Look

Whether you’re pimping out your hot rod with flame decals or want to streamline your new sports car with a premium package build a vision for your car’s look. Muscle car enthusiasts may focus on altering the exhaust to create a wicked-sounding machine while teenage girls may accessorize by adding custom car decals to their ride. Whatever direction you decide to take, stick to your theme. Accessorize with a set style in mind to make sure your finished work aligns perfectly with your vision.

Shop Online and Offline

Shopping both online and offline for car accessories saves you time and money. Doing online research is an easy way to find the hard to get accessories for your car. Doing offline leg work can give you a glimpse into what add ons are available in your area. Since shipping costs may be expensive for certain car parts you may make a few offline purchases of more common accessories available from shops in your area.

Build a list of items you want for your car. Some specialty shops may offer better deals than others so shop around for a bit to find out which stores offer the best prices for specific products.  If you can’t find a part offline hop online to search for it. You can uncover tougher to locate parts on the web but the added convenience comes at the cost of higher shipping charges versus offline shopping.

Think Practicality

It’s okay to spruce up your ride to create a visually appealing car but focusing on useful accessories can add function to the car’s form. Unless you’re willing to pay an arm and a leg for gas you may hold off on the NOS exhaust system. Accessorize on a budget to add what you need to add to your car. Keep an eye on function. Less expensive accessories are excusable but going over the top can put you deep into debt. Be practical. Accessorize with an eye on improving your car’s performance from a sensible perspective.

Slow Down

If you’ve ever seen an over accessorized car you know the value in subtlety. Think about it;how can you notice one creative sticker if a car is plastered with stickers? You can’t make a statement if the message is diluted with hundreds of stickers posted along your bumper. Be tasteful. Accessorize to create a memorable car, not an eye sore.

The hanging dice, monster sub woofers, stuffed animals and full length decals must go. Add one accessory at a time. Slow down. Don’t go over the top. Unless you truly want to go with a tacky look you’re better off adding 1 or 2 little changes at a time.