Five Don'ts Of Social Media Marketing

Anyone who has been online for a while knows some businesses scare potential customers off with their online behavior. Before a business launches a social media marketing campaign, it’s important that business outlines a plan and prepares to carry that plan out. Disorganized, messy campaigns can easily result in failure.
To formulate a social media plan, a business must first fully understand its mission statement and goals. If a business fails to plan, it plans to fail, as the saying goes. Once the plan is in place, businesses should avoid these common mishaps to ensure success.
Blatant marketing
It’s no secret that consumers dislike telemarketers and junk mail, and social media spam is no different. If someone chooses to follow your business on a social media site, that person is placing trust in you that you will provide interesting content that will help them. Constantly reminding your followers that your product is on sale will only serve to annoy them.
Some experts have tried to impose limits on the number of social media updates a person should post each day, but those numbers can vary based on personal preferences. The truth is, for some followers, one post a day will be too much and for some, one post a day will seem like an inactive account. The key is to provide fresh, unique updates that engage your followers and, chances are, you won’t be able to do that seven times a day. Posting the same message over and over or recycling the same general idea day after day will turn your followers away. If you’ll post only when you have something interesting to say, you’ll make everyone happy.
Demand Follows
Simply asking your customers to follow you isn’t enough. Your customers need a reason to add you to their already overcrowded followers and friends lists. Many businesses offer contests or special deals to gather social media connections.
Post at the Wrong Time
Many businesses make the mistake of posting Monday through Friday during the day, while social media users are at work. While this is convenient for business owners, if messages are going unread, it’s a waste of time. Consider signing up for a dashboard service like that allows you to time-delay your posts. Or write up the posts during the workday and copy and paste them at nights or on weekends.
Don’t participate
Nothing shows a business doesn’t care about customers like a completely one-sided social media presence. If customers are attempting to reach you through your social media site—and are being polite and respectful about it—respond. This means you’ll have to regularly log in and review posts to see if anything requires a response.
By learning what not to do, businesses can avoid common social media marketing pitfalls and maximize success. Most business owners are consumers, as well, so the answer to how to best engage social media followers is to ask themselves how they would want a business to respond to them.
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