Top Uses of Cloud Computing Services

cloud computing service

What is the cloud?

Cloud is the call of the 21st century, it is the business solution for the advancing companies that have cost restraint thus lacking them to utilize some needful but costly services. Cloud computing services enable the development of new apps & services without the need for starting from scratch, bring cost-effective storage, back-up & data recovery and deliver software on demand to the company that was previously a glitch for the organization due to money constraint. The various cloud services can be categorized into three broad categories; SaaS(Software as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service)

Top Uses of Cloud Computing Services

Uses of cloud computing services

It is useful to incline into cloud computing services and be cloud-native. Some of the top benefits of being cloud-native are as below: 

#1 Lowering capital expense

Cloud computing lowers the main capital expense of the enterprise as all the expense of buying hardware and software and setting up and running high maintainability datacenters is solved by just binding with cloud service and paying as per the utility. 

#2 Speed and flexibility to the work

Most cloud computing services are rented and easily deployed within some minutes, thus bringing speed and agility to the business workflow. Even if the organization demand increases or decreases cloud capacity can easily be scaled up or down, thus saving time and not hampering the speed of work in the company. 

#3 Enhancing productivity

Previously every firm has a datacenter where the huge data storage is done and managed. But now the cloud has provided us with the cloud storage where this management and up gradation is sorted, and the time-consuming chores of IT management are minimized. The resource is freed and that can be further utilized for achieving more important tasks. 

#4 Performance enhancement

Cloud services are upgraded from the parent company and there is no use of regular management of the system. Even the data centre is also managed on the cloud that makes the backup and data recovery an easy task, hence enhancing the performance of the company.

#5 Easy application development and testing

Cloud enables easy deployment of applications for website and mobile or even games by the use of pre-enabled tools and libraries. This simplifies the development of the applications that previously were started from scratch and utilized a lot of resources. Cloud has also provided an environment for testing the application and that has lowered the critical project time and resources.

#6 Big data analytics

Cloud has enabled data scientists to tap into the huge data of any organization and analyze into systematic structured information. There are many big data tools based on the cloud that has given real-time access to the huge data. 

Cloud Computing Services are the trending technology that has enabled the companies to spread its wings by enhancing their core business or finding new scopes. The various cloud services are available at cloud and can be accessed by internet with easy payment methods, thus lowering the main capital of the company and utilization of the monetary and technical resource in enhancing its business.