Ways To Have A Gorgeous Honeymoon On A Budget

Ok, so you’ve a bit too carried aways with your wedding plans and somehow managed to overspend on all the vital big day arrangements, and now you’re stuck with few honeymoon options that fit your budget. Don’t worry, there are ways for you and your fresh-from-the-altar spouse to get your paws on a good honeymoon deal even without a vertiginous budget – in fact, we have some tips and recommendations for you right here, so read on if you want to save yourself some hassle and money and still enjoy the nuptials of your dreams.

Out-of-season Trips: Same Stuff, Lower Price Tag

Ways To Have A Gorgeous Honeymoon On A Budget

If you opt for a honeymoon trip out of the peak tourist season, you can save yourself a lot of dough, time and nerves. In the peak vacation season, finding satisfactory accommodation is not an easy task, because crowds of tourists tend to plan their holidays well in advance so the last-minute hotel offer is usually somewhat limited. If you don’t want to spend your honeymoon in a dorm room with six weird strangers, you’ll have to cash out a lot more than you originally planned, and you’ll still have to elbow your way through tourist hordes in the street.

Be wise and book your honeymoon accommodation in low tourist months like January and February, and have the time of your life without having to pay for it through the nose.

A Perfect Wedding Present: Gift Registry Sites

Ways To Have A Gorgeous Honeymoon On A Budget

Wedding gift lists have already become a commonplace solution for both guests and newly-weds: make it clear to your family and friends what you need and would like to get on your wedding day, and you’ll probably see most of the stuff in the pile of gifts. The same idea can be used when planning your honeymoon – create a honeymoon gift registry website and save yourself some booking trouble: for example, choose one of the Bora Bora honeymoon packages and let your guests make financial contributions to enrich your stay in Tahiti by a suite upgrade, one-day tour of the island, candlelit dinner with some fine wine or an adrenaline-pumping guided excursion into the wild.

Though you’ll probably have to cover a part of the expenses on your own, honeymoon gift registry sites can help reduce your honeymoon costs – and it’s always fun to expose yourself to some new experiences, even if your family and friends get to choose them for you. 

Flight Deals and Hotel Reservations: Be Flexible

Ways To Have A Gorgeous Honeymoon On A Budget

Most regular flight tickets to major tourist destinations come with a rather steep price tag, and hotel reservations can also be prohibitive, but some compromise, flexibility and prudence will take you a long way. For instance, you can try and purchase a night flight instead of a morning one – these are usually cheaper and will still get you to your destination on time; or, book a ticket with a low-cost airline company to save some extra money which may come in handy when shopping for souvenirs on your honeymoon. Also, when handling your accommodation arrangements, compare hotel prices and check travel-related review websites for real-life tourist impressions to get an insight into the best price-to-service bargains. Or, if you’re a maverick at heart, ditch the hotel altogether and bring a tent, hammock and camping gear – there’s a charming romantic side to beginning your marriage by several nights spent under the stars in the middle of a tropical island.

A perfect honeymoon doesn’t take all that much money – with some rationality, flexibility and careful selection, your nuptial getaway will sort itself out to your satisfaction. After all, what you need most on your honeymoon is your spouse and some post-wedding tender, love and care to wipe away the stress and weariness from all that meticulous planning, complex arrangements and lengthy bridal preparations.