How To Start Your Own Car Valeting Business

If you are considering starting up a new business and are struggling with ideas, why not think about your own car valeting firm? Here we look at the reasons why it could be a very good idea and talk about some of the issues that you’ll probably have to deal with when your dreams turn into reality.

What is Car Valeting?

Okay, although it may be true to say that car valeting is another way of saying car cleaning; the truth is somewhat more detailed, quite literally! A decent car valeting company will look after all aspects of interior and exterior cleaning issues and quite often they will have additional services besides. When you look at the services that are offered by a competitive car valeting firm you will notice that as well as being far more comprehensive than a run-of-the-mill car washing service, they will also be a little more expensive. This is because they are offering a high end service that is based on results.
How To Start Your Own Car Valeting Business

Fixed or Mobile?

When you look at the valeting services in your local area you will probably notice that there are both mobile and fixed site services. Mobile valeting services will come to your workplace or home whist with fixed site services you will need to leave your vehicle at a unit. For your own business you may wish to start off with a mobile unit because this is far more cost effective. You will need to invest in the correct equipment and vehicle and in the long run, if you get more customers, you will need to think about expanding to more vehicles or perhaps a premises.

Extra Services?

Many valeting firms also offer the following services as part of their remit:

  • Engine valeting
  • Scratch and dent removal
  • Pressure washing for buildings and patios
  • Boat and caravan cleaning

Essentially, the more services that you can offer, the wider you can cast your net. Although it may be a better idea to start off small before splashing out on this expensive gear.

How Much to Start?

Now this all depends on your business plan and whether or not you decide to go mobile or fixed site. If you go for the mobile option you will need a vehicle, a decent pressure washer and an industrial drying machine of sorts. You’ll need around £7000 minimum for these items and probably 4 times as much for a fixed site business start-up.

Finding Customers

This is often the trickiest part of a start-up business and you will need to place adverts in local newspapers, set up a website and look at a marketing plan for your business. Paid search advertising is a good place to kick things off but remember that this will be an additional cost as you will have to pay a SEO company to help you out.

Get Insured and Get Started!

Speak to a specialist insurance firm and remember that you will be valeting some seriously expensive vehicles and will need to be able to pay for these if any accidents happen. Good Luck!

Harry Price is a freelance writer and artist from the south coast.  He loves to travel, cook and rockclimb.  Though not all at the same time!