The Sky Is Falling: 5 Signs Your Old Home Needs Roof Replacement

The Sky Is Falling: 5 Signs Your Old Home Needs Roof Replacement

Harsh weather patterns sometimes leave damaged roofs in their wake. How can you determine if your home really requires a new roof? Paying close attention to five warning signs assists homeowners in protecting this important real estate investment.

Aging Roofs

One of the leading causes of roof replacement concerns the age of a residential roof. Licensed roofing companies, such as Roland’s Roofing, install a variety of different types of roofs. You’ll want to check the age of the specific roofing materials used in your roof in order to determine the anticipated maximum lifespan of your roofing system. Consider replacing any roof which exceeds this figure, particularly if you harbor concerns about possible storm damage. (Sloping residential roofs typically use asphalt shingle, metal, or ceramic tile systems.)

Visible Leaking

By the time roof leaks become visible inside a home during rainstorms, a rooftop has often sustained extensive damage and it needs to be replace as soon as possible. Seek a professional inspection in order to determine the scope of the problem. Streams of water leaking repeatedly through visible holes in your roof may cause wood to rot.

Many Loose, Warped Shingles

The presence of numerous curling, cracked, or warped asphalt shingles indicates either an aging roof (or a badly damaged roof). In good condition, roofing materials should maintain their shape for years. Many older homes rely on asphalt shingles, and signs of warping suggest the shingles have reached the upper limits of their usefulness.

A Repeatedly Leaking Roof

If you find yourself frequently seeking roofing repair services during the course of a year, your roof may have sustained more extensive damage during a storm than you initially appreciated. Consider exploring your roof replacement options. Sound, safe roofing systems should not develop repeated leaks.

A Sagging Roof

A visibly sunken roof may indicate extensive roof damage requiring fast replacement attention. Water may have damaged wooden structures beneath the roof’s surface. Experts recommend seeking professional assistance in this emergency situation!

Ensuring the integrity of your home’s roof helps safeguard your household. This feature prevents water and wind from causing damage to residential interiors. Making the effort to inspect your dwelling periodically for signs of a leaky roof helps alert you to possible problems. By keeping your roofing system in good condition, you’ll optimize the value you obtain from this important real estate asset!