Metal vs Asphalt: Pros and Cons of Common Home Roofing Materials

Choosing the right material for your roof can be a challenge. After all, there are various materials to choose from. Two of the most common ones are metal and asphalt. You need to know the difference so you can select the material that fits with your family, financial, and other goals. Here is what you should know.

Pros of Asphalt

Asphalt is perhaps the most common and well known roofing material to most of the western world. Therefore, it is not going to stand out or make your home look very out of place in most communities. It is also easy to install and most contractors know how to work with it, meaning it is often budget-friendly in relation to initial costs.

Cons of Asphalt

Asphalt may be one of the more common, cheap materials for roofing, but that doesn’t come without its downsides. First of all, asphalt can degrade in the elements pretty quickly. In addition, the sharp fiberglass can be a pain to work with when installing and asphalt shingles are easily removed and damaged by severe weather. Certain areas of the world would require frequent repairs to maintain a high-quality roof.

Pros of Metal

Metal roofing is one of the most popular options for homeowners today. The reasons are simple. The first benefit of metal roofing is the range of customization options it offers.
There is almost no end to how many variations of shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors that metal can come in. This means you can customize it to your personal preferences and needs.
Another advantage of metal is how well it holds up to the weather and other elements. It is not going to degrade like rubbers or woods will. With proper upkeep and preventative measures, it will stand the test of time. This means that your investment is likely to last longer and pay for itself in no time.

Cons of Metal

Some people see metal’s ability to rust as a downside. However, this is mostly in communities where there is a lot of seawater being evaporated from a nearby body of water and can be prevented with proper care and precautions. Most homeowners will not have this issue.
Another downside would be the conductivity of metal. Without the proper coatings, a metal roof could easily contribute to temperature extremes within the home.
If you are looking to get a new roof, then you need to use the right material for you, your home, and your area. This is not always an easy choice. Luckily, when you understand the difference between asphalt and metal and the pros and cons of each, your decision will be much more effective because you know what you’re getting into. Research and review the facts and make the best move for you.