Healthcare Developments in Nigeria

Nigeria has long been one of many countries that saw some of its most educated and employable talent leave to find work elsewhere, especially in the medical field. Recent healthcare developments in Nigeria are helping to bring an end to this exodus and advance the Nigerian healthcare system by making the care and facilities offered of a much higher standard to keep staff and patients safe and happy.

Why the Doctors and Nurses Left

In previous years, the brightest minds from Nigeria would travel outside of Africa to parts of Europe and the United States for career opportunities as doctors and nurses. Substandard healthcare facilities and hospitals, political turmoil, and inadequate research centres led to the departure of those individuals most capable of helping the country to combat sickness and disease.
The quality of the healthcare system in place provoked these doctors and nurses to leave for fear of being infected with the various illnesses suffered by patients and not having appropriate equipment to handle every medical situation. There was a real need for change and development in Nigeria regarding its hospitals and general healthcare.

Development in Nigeria

To combat the rising problem of doctors and nurses leaving for better situations and the decline of the healthcare system, as well as to improve conditions for patients, there have been, in recent years, numerous healthcare developments in Nigeria. Different groups have implemented several projects aimed at garnering improvements in the healthcare system by providing much-needed labour, supplies, equipment, facilities, and qualified and experienced medical professionals.
One such developmental program is the Deux Project. They have provided and maintained health facilities in several areas of Nigeria, building hospitals and research facilities, in addition to providing some necessary equipment. Furthermore, they have maintenance contracts with several major companies in Nigeria. Their projects and contracts have included several major industry companies as well as hospitals and research facilities, such as:

  • Military Hospital, Ikoyi, which had an overhaul of their laundry, sterilization department, kitchen and central store.
  • National Eye Centre, Kaduna, which received a complete package consisting of assembly and repairs of a boiler house, laundry, mortuary, incinerator, clinics, theatre, laboratories and other medical equipment.
  • General Hospital, Bonny, which received mortuary units that were procured, designed and commissioned with the help of Nigeria LNG Ltd.
  • Nigeria Ports PLC, Lagos, which was supervised and received consultation on a 35-bed project for the hospital.

Deux Projects has also played a significant part in many laboratory projects, including:

  • The NNPC R&D Unit, which was upgraded.
  • Kogi State, Edo State, Delta State, and Kwara State, which have all had Essential Drug Projects for which Deux Projects designed, supplied, and installed Quality Control Laboratories.

There were also several other projects that received supplies, training, and installation services for medical lab equipment.

Continued Support

For the facilities and equipment that Deux Projects have provided in the development in Nigeria, they have also provided continued support and training for staff to ensure that everything is properly managed.
Also offered is health care management advising clients on finance, management, studies, audits, surveys, and data. Their core areas are nutrition, reproductive health, disease prevention and control, including HIV and STDs. Staff are trained to use equipment effectively and how to read medical results. All of these improvements have and will continue to improve Nigeria’s healthcare.
Dr. Tunji Olowolafe (also known as Olatunji Olowolafe) is the CEO of Deux Projects International and has been in the medical field since 1984. He has overseen many of the projects that brought development in Nigeria and has worked to bring back the nurses and doctors that left because of the substandard quality of healthcare in Nigeria.
Written by: Josephs interest in healthcare and infrastructure development began in college and developed through a period of volunteering in both Africa and South America. Now a professional writer, Joseph closely follows the work of Dr. Tunji Olowolafe CEO of Deux Projects focusing on the long term gains in economic development that comes with improved healthcare standards and the infrastructure developments needed.