Bridal Hair Styles 2014

When the big day arrives, you want a smooth ride as you soak up the special feeling of being a bride. Let’s face it, everyone wants a bit of star treatment on their wedding day, which means no labouring over your hair and beauty as you settle those nerves in the hours before the alter. Getting someone to transform you into as the outfit, hair and makeup come together on the day is an essential little luxury for a bride-to-be. But you still need to decide on a hair style, so here are some of the top bridal hair styles for 2014.

Milk Maid

Plaits are timelessly pretty, and are perfectly on trend for the 2014 wedding season. If you want a boho look, go for a distressed single braid down the back, or rock the milk maid style that countless celebrities have adopted over the past few months. For rustic and summer weddings especially, this modest but magnificent look is very much in vogue right now, and just a few wild flowers woven into the hair can complete the image effortlessly.

Be a Princess

You might have come a long way since the days when you wanted to marry a Prince, but who’s to say you can’t indulge the princess within on your wedding day. Tiaras are stealing the show this summer, as a stylish alternative to other headdresses that can be dressed up or down.

Go glitz and glamour with a luxury tiara, or keep it simple with a glittering headdress. You can wear your hair flowing freely or tied up in a ballerina bun that will last you through the day, depending on how you feel comfortable. For that Audrey Hepburn look, go retro with a sleek side parting that will ooze class.

Va Va Volume

Whether you’ve got long locks and you want to maximise their impact, or you have a shorter style that you want to whip into shape, pump up the volume with your bridal hair in 2014. For retro designs, go big beehive if you’ve got long hair to bring under control, or mould your short hair into those flapper girl twirls that will add extra bounce to your barnet.

It’s a common misconception that long hair is more easily adapted for bridal style; in fact short hair can be incredibly versatile. If you want a striking look, then get heavy with the gel to slick your hair back or make cool quiffs, or for something more natural a run-your-fingers-through-it finish is perfect for beach and boho weddings.

Every bride inevitably agonises over how to style themselves for the day, particularly where hair and make up is concerned. After all, these are the photos that you’ll be looking at for a lifetime to come. But with so many takes on the SS14 bridal style, you can figure out the perfect finish for your hair with your stylist, so that you look a million dollars when you walk out onto the alter.

Article by Kelly Gilmour-Grassam, who talks to us about what are the best bridal hair styles for 2014 according to RM-UK.