Understanding Cyber Crimes

There are many new things about the Internet that can make our lives more comfortable and better. We are always motivated to find new methods to better use this relatively new platform. However, it should be noted that the Internet has no political boundaries and everyone can interact very easily with one another.

People are also more connected to their mobile gadgets and they become increasingly more dependent on the internet and other web technologies. But there are always bad sides of everything and in some cases, disadvantages can outweigh the advantages.

Cyber crime happens when it is related to Internet, computer and the information technology. This category of crime can cause serious affect business, establishments, organizations and common people. There must be strong actions taken to curb such activities and restrict malicious individuals who are into this. Criminals can now easily use internet and telecommunication technology to target their victims.

They can use denial of attacks or send malicious codes such as scripts, virus and malware. These strategies can be used to achieve specific goals like phishing, email scams, identity theft, cyber stalking or direct hacking.

Cyber crimes are often considered as white collar crimes by some people, because it isn’t related to violence, injury and death. However, criminals, extremists and deviants can still use these methods for their gains and anti-social activities. Criminals can maintain their anonymous status in the internet, which makes the online an ideal breeding ground for them.

Many governments have introduced stricter cyber laws to curb these activities, but not all countries punish cyber crime perpetrators severely. These countries may need proper legal methods and infrastructure to impose powerful regulatory mechanism to protect their netizens.

Some cyber criminals are actually ideology activists and they may consider themselves as digital Robin Hood. They could break into important servers and spread classified information to the general public to reveal alleged wrongdoings performed by governments and large organizations. They oppose the government and the establishment by using latest Internet technology.

Whatever their goals are, we need to administer proper security system to enable highly secure cyber space. Our daily activities could become much more interlinked and connected. Simple phishing and email hacking can easily intrude our privacy.

In any case, prevention is better than cure and it is important to make sure that our networks are not sending critical information to those cyber criminals. The government and legal professionals should also be able to curb those serious threats to the society. We can easily protect out computers from cyber attacks by making some special precautions.

Important details, like passwords and bank account details shouldn’t be stored in computer and sent through online methods. No matter how secure our online system is, cyber space is still an open platform. There’s no guaranteed safety or security against typical intrusions.

We shouldn’t open unidentified emails and open emails scams, especially those that say that we have won a large amount of money in lottery. We should use credit cards sparingly and never visit unsecured websites.

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