Sinful Feasting – Try These 5 Famous Dhabas Of North India

Sinful Feasting - Try These 5 Famous Dhabas Of North India

An average North Indian wouldn’t consider his road trip complete without digging at the highway dhabas during their journey. These roadside eateries or dhabas as you call them, absolutely know the best way to win one’s heart and satiate the sinful cravings to the maximum. It is actually surprising to see how some of these Dhabas, which were once essentially flat stopovers for travellers, have wound up being destinations themselves.

Take a look at North India’s best dhabas that can satisfy your cravings in a matter of seconds, and more than you ever could imagine.

Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba, Murthal

The most trending and sought after dhaba, rather, more of a weekend stop among Delhiites, Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba is located in Murthal, Haryana. The spot is simply appealing, and one can without much of a strain locate this jewel of a spot by the flood of cars and taxis parked outside its premises. A Delhi to Murthal taxi, would be normally heading off to this very area or the areas nearby, which additionally have a lot more wonderful food havens! The dhaba is as spacious as a normal, upmarket food court. Make a stopover at Amrik Sukhdev for its delightful Parathas, complimented with a genuine helping of the god-sent butter. Its finger licking yum!

Bheemu Dhaba, Mandi, Manali Road

The Bheemu dhaba on the edges of Mandi, is the most adored dhaba amongst the local individuals and regular voyagers to Manali. To reach here, cross the bus stop and drive for 3 – 4 km after the petrol pump. Bheemu dhaba serves fresh and lip smacking desi food at jaw dropping prices and is unquestionably a heaven for the ravenous tourists.

Giani-Da-Dhaba, Kalka Shimla Highway

This spot is more of a local dine-in or a small restaurant you could say, than a Dhaba. Giani is completely an amazing food point in Dharampur, that can be easily spotted on the Shimla-Kalka highway, that is, NH 22. So if it yo have been driving since long and are too tired and hungry to go any further, then make a refreshing halt at Giani da Dhaba to add a great deal of brilliance to your ongoing journey.

Jain Shikanji, Modinagar

While enroute Meerut or Uttarakhand, you will find this drool worthy spot in Modinagar. Jain Shikanji is basically a lime based refreshing drink which can kick in some incredibly required intensity amid your road trip. The Jain Shikanji centre is so famous in this part of the country that you can even buy some Jain Shikanji Masala and take it home for others also. Beside this, you can moreover relish the sumptuous evening snacks here which are as incredible as the drink itself.

Karnal Haveli, Murthal NH-1

To a greater degree , Karnal Haveli is an excellent restaurant with a Punjabi ambience, than a dhaba, and is a pearl in the Murthal belt of food joints. Resembling a grand haveli (palace) and intended to flaunt its customary Punjabi roots, Karnal Haveli serves true to the core Punjabi food, with a typical Punjabi village theme. This place is flooded with families and travellers who stop here for some snacks, or for some freshness. Thanks to its huge washrooms! So while your Murthal to Delhi taxi has bored you enough and has made it pretty tiring for you to sit tight in the car, stop at Haveli and enjoy this experience yourself!