Samsung Galaxy Note 5: At Next Level Of Performance

In the last quarter of 2014, Samsung proved with its experimental launch Galaxy Note Edge, that people are actually looking for buying a unique smartphone and following the launch, there are few brands who were in rumour for creating similar device for example, there are rumours Chinese brand Xiaomi is also working on some two-edge display smartphones but Samsung is going to be first in the race as there are few hints towards the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

If you are little aware about the last Galaxy Note Edge, which being phone of the end of the year, almost had the best hardware configurations. As there was Snapdragon 805 and 3GB of RAM and similar was there in the Note 4. So, at the performance level, still Samsung Galaxy Note Edge top the list with the Note 4. Note Edge has the surprising response times in basic tasks and some delays in difficult animations justify such a combination of hardware. Some can be solved by changing launcher and off options like Voice S pitcher, but (without being frustrating) is something that Samsung should get serious if Samsung has the plans for the Galaxy Note 5.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5: At Next Level Of Performance

Beyond these small details no doubt as to the performance with other applications. While playing games you get a good performance without any problems and provides assurance to run any app of the date without any issue. As for the battery we find 3000 mAh in Note Edge, a generous amount that has proved sufficient in other phones but if this terminal causes the increased resolution is noticed. Even with these, we can get through the day without problems. Have lost more than 200 mAh (compared to the Note 4) may seem a trifle but when we have such a demanding consumer display is something that is missing. Here Samsung has taken a small step back. On average we have come to five hours with display and even from day to day has endured without major problems, the most intense (especially when we’ve been using 4G connectivity out all day) yes it has finished asking the charger before time. Well battery life is good, but the balance between resources and battery is a bit unbalanced as tested with benchmarks, it is disappointment that battery life of the Galaxy Note Edge has worsened relative to that of Note 4.

So, what would be the solution for the next Samsung Galaxy Note 5? Well, Samsung should pack the bigger battery with more capacity and also we can expect next Note Edge to have more efficient battery and hardware optimization. But the rumoured 4K resolution display is making it challenging, if there would be increase in resolution, our smartphone would eat more battery but we should not worry too much, we have seen a miracle in form of Note 4 in 2014, so expect the same.