Rumor Has It – Galaxy Note 5 Could Come With USB Type C Port

The highly-anticipated next-gen Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has been the subject to a wide array of rumored features and specifications, with earlier reports claiming that the phone would feature a swivel camera or a 3D one! And although having either of these features would definitely add to the cool factor of this already awesome phone series, it’s quite obvious that it won’t really add to its appeal towards tech-savy users. The rumors about it featuring a USB 3.1 Type-C connector, however, definitely will!

Now, although the Note 5’s launch isn’t scheduled for until September 2015, rumor-mill has been spewing out reported features and design specifications for quite a while now. So far, we’ve have rumors of all kinds of high-tech wizardry and features that will be packed into this premium phablet. These include a stunning 5.9” AMOLED Quad-HD display with support from up to 4K resolution, 4-6 GB of internal RAM and a new and improved in-house Exynos processor that packs enough processing power to out-perform a modern desktop.

Rumor Has It - Galaxy Note 5 Could Come With USB Type C Port

However, citing insider-information and fan speculation, along with a couple of unofficial statements from notable Korean technology website Naver, the soon to be launched Galaxy Note 5 will feature a USB 3.1 Type-C port. If the rumors are true, this would mark the first time that Samsung decides to incorporate a USB Type-C connector on any of its devices, significantly increasing the speed of cabled data transfers, to and from the phablet. And for all of you that have no idea that it means, the USB 3.1 Type-C is an advanced micro-USB like port that has the ability to transfer data at double the speed of the already quick USB 3.0. This would mean that users could get transfer speeds of up to 10 Gbps, compared to the 5 Gbps offered by 3.0. Powering the Type-C connector is a 20 volt, amps power socket.

The USB Type-C is also much easier to plug in because it features a two-sided plug that is reversible, meaning users can plug it in with ease even when they’re so high that they shouldn’t even be using their phones. Other noteworthy rumors about the Galaxy Note 5 are that it will be available in three variants ranging from 32 – 128 GB, with a mid-range 64 GB. Speculators, however, are a little concerned as to whether the Note 5 will feature an optional micro SD slot to expand memory because it will clearly dampen its appeal to those who use their smartphones, phablets or tablets as their external storage devices. The Galaxy Note 5 is also expected to feature an upgraded 20-megapixel Isocell rear camera and a 5 MP front-facing camera that will reportedly be supplied by the Sony Corporation.

None of the above mentioned specifications are confirmed as of right now, but it is likely that the smartphone will be encased in a gorgeous all-metal frame and aluminum body, definitely raising the phone’s sex appeal. Certainly, that’s how it looks in’s steel gray design concepts of the most awaited smartphone.