The Importance Of Insulating Your Floor

Now that winter is in full swing you may have noticed some airy drafts filling your home with chilly air. It is commonly known that these drafts could be coming from your windows or doors, but what if there was another culprit? If you have hardwood flooring in your home, the chances are that there are drafts coming from them as well. Just like you would insulate your windows if they were letting in cold air, you should also insulate your hardwood flooring. Here are a few of the many benefits of insulating your floor.
Eliminate Drafts
As already mentioned, when your hardwood flooring is not insulated it is probably letting in a plethora of cold air from outside. This cold air can be felt in drafts all throughout your home. This makes it very chilly to walk around on your floors without slippers on.
Warm Your House
If you do insulate your hardwood flooring, less cold air will be able to make its way into your home. What does this mean for you? It means that your home will me warmer all winter long. And a warmer home makes a cozier winter for your entire family.
Save Money on Electricity
By eliminating drafts and warming your home, an insulated floor will also save you money. When your house is naturally kept warmer, your heater does not have to work as hard. Since the heater is working less, consequently your bills will be less. How much can you look forward to saving? Well, according to the Bonneville Power Administration, you can expect to save at least $50 per year on your heating bill. However, if your home is large or you have primarily wood floor in your home, you can expect to save even more.
Increase Your Resale Value
When you go to resell your home, every little perk that you can offer above the competition will make your home more desirable. If you insulate your floors now, this will be a great feature to advertise when you eventually go to sell your home. Buyers are always looking for ways to make their homes energy efficient. If your floors are already insulated it is one less improvement they will have to make when they move in.
As you can see, there are quite a few reasons to insulate your floors. Plus, it is a home improvement that you can easily do yourself. So if you are looking for a weekend project that will make your home more energy efficient and save you some money, insulating your floors is a great option.
Jamie Daniels provides insightful and informative instruction to home buyers to ensure they maximize the energy efficiency and budget of their home renovations.