The 5 Features That Make Galaxy Note 5 A Must Buy For The Smartphone User

September is coming, and so is the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Hence, to briefly review what makes it so unique, we are going to give you 5 reasons to add the Galaxy Note 5 to your collection this year.

1. Spectacular Premium Design

Predictions are rife that the Galaxy Note 5 will be bigger in comparison to its predecessors. But with the Korean giants having effectively limited the Note series at 5.7 inches, the razor thin bezels and the tight fitting body work surrounding it is expected to keep the phablet compact. A welcome change expected in this edition of the Note phablets is the replacement of the old leather plastic with glass panels on the front and back. The concept design uploaded on gives the users a brief insight into what the device is shaping up like

2. The Stunning Ultra HD 4K Display

The insertion of the Super AMOLED display provides variations in contrast, brightness and color accuracy and multiple viewing angles that will make the Galaxy Note 5 a pleasure to use under all conditions. Furthermore, addition of the QHD resolution is guaranteed to provide you with high resolution on a large scale minus the lackluster battery life. The biggest positive is the 4K display aboard the phablet with a panel of 5.89 inches with 2160×3840 pixels and 748 ppi making it the first in its segment to sport the same.

3. Processing Potency

Samsung has traditionally used the same CPU within its Galaxy Note phablet, establishing a pattern many have come to expect of it in the past few years. However, with Samsung parting ways with Qualcomm this year, reports are rife about the Note 5 featuring an upgraded Exynos 7422 chipset. This acquires immense significance because this is going to be the Korean tech firm’s maiden venture into an all-in-one solution (ePoP) with an integrated modem, CPU, RAM, GPU and storage on one SoC.

4. Stylus Features and Much More

The USP of the Galaxy Note 5, the S Pen Stylus is expected to have the Auto Eject feature in this edition of the phablet. Handwriting identification and pressure sensitivity works very well with the Stylus and it allows you to sketch, annotate and jot down notes quite effectively. Furthermore, Samsung’s unique UI modifications allow you to divide the massive display into apps or create small window applets. The web experience is also undergoing an upgrade with an HTML test revealing a device dubbed ZenZero based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop functioning on an unidentified version of Samsung’s 3.2 browser application.

5. The Battery Life

The battery specifications on the Galaxy Note devices have always been top-notch owing to the big size of the Note phablets. With the Galaxy Note 5, we are faced with the prospect of having the battery friendly processor, the 14 nanometer Exynos 7420 chipset which can help the phablet last an entire day. With smart ultra-power saving modes and its powerful chipsets, we expect the Note 5 to be the best devices around with regards to battery life.

Exciting would be an understatement for the anticipation we have for the launch of the Galaxy Note 5. The third quarter this year is going to change the way technology is perceived across the globe.