Creative Luxury Bathroom Designs

With so many different kinds of bathroom accessories, basins and baths to choose from, it isn’t hard to get carried away with all the ideas you have for transforming your bathroom, Jim Gibson from gives us all his best ideas here.

Today, it is very easy to acquire over-sized tubs, walk-in showers, double basins and roll top freestanding baths. Any material you could possible need to create your stunning and luxurious bathroom are readily available and require only a minimum amount of research.

Spa Style Bathrooms

His and hers sinks, along with egg-shaped or circular bathtubs represent the ultimate in bathroom luxury and pampering. The central features of a spa style bathroom have basins and a bath as the central features, with the backdrop being made out of natural stone or polished marble.

Another option is to have a tile mosaic pattern in earthy tones. This provides any bathroom with a spa-like look and feel. Other ornaments can be added to the basins and bath. Decorative stones, bottles of bath oils and scented candles can also help to create a soothing and peaceful environment.

Adding a houseplant can help to complete your composed and calm atmosphere. Tall exotic plants with sculpted leaves make an impressive visual impact. Many tropical plants love the humid, warm environment that a bathroom provides them with.

Monochrome Mixture

If that seems too tranquil, you can always go for a striking white and black pattern. There is a timeless and classic appeal to bold grey, white and black colour schemes.

For strong definition, choose black floor tiles. To soften the appearance of a room, try a subtle mixture of white, grey and silver shaded wall tiles. The monochromatic theme can be completed with a chrome basin as well as metallic accessories like cabinet pulls, faucets and shower heads.

Victorian Style

If a traditional look appeals to you, try a Victorian-style bathroom using the modern designs from today.

Start with wall tiles made of white brick. Add coloured tiles as a border to create an understated, elegant effect. To highlight the Victorian era, hang an antique mirror or medicine cabinet. The central feature could be a roll top copper bath. If placed in the centre of the room on marble flooring, the effect will be stunning.

Country Classic

The modern country feel is based around a white bath and neutral stone floor. If you have natural stone flooring or original beams already, this can really be effective.

Just paint your walls in beige or pastel tones, instead of using a lot of tiles. Wooden tongue-and-groove paneling on doors and cabinets helps to highlight the country style. Another thing that works very well in this kind of a setting is the roll top bathtub.

Glitz and Glamour

To go all out, add chandeliers, scarlet walls, sculptures and other glitzy touches.

The bathroom, in some circumstances, might already have some feature that is unusual. You can either show it off or underplay it. There could be a herrignbone original wooden floor, Victorian cooper tub or silver roll top oversized bath.

To enhance your feature, think about adding some accessories to compliment it. To give the room some character, you can add unique pieces like a decorated screen, Victorian closet or vintage dressing table.

Luxury Hotel Style

You might prefer the neutrality and simplicity offered by the finest hotels. A tile mosaic pattern with beige, cream and white contrasting tiles can give you a nice, airy environment. Add a large mirror that spans from basin to ceiling, along with lots of spotlights, and you will have created a sophisticated, bright and light bathroom.

A wall-hung vanity provides a lot more space than floor furniture. When the floor is kept clear, it is much easier to maintain the bathroom and provides it with a spacious and clean appearance.

Whether your preferred style is seriously traditional, quirky and quaint, or ultra-modern, there is the perfect luxury bathroom design waiting just for you.

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