Now Tech Giants Are Taking The AR Technology Seriously

Now Tech Giants Are Taking The AR Technology Seriously

There is an incredible growth in companies focusing on the augmented reality mobile application development. The Venture Reality Fund’s AR industry landscape report noticed a growth 60% in second quarter of 2017. The startup investment company spotted 150 companies focused on augmented reality mobile app development last year. It was a clear growth of almost 200% from the Q1 in which there were only 56 new AR focused companies.

The venture funding company also discovered that this small boost came up because of the significant growth in the release of new AR tools by key players of the industry during the first quarter of 2017.

Tech giants like Microsoft and Facebook are now offering the best of the supports in terms of crafting AR content for those who are interested in AR mobile application development. They are providing developers with the ability to easily make available their AR app creations to their audience.

The supports by giants of the industry have created a smoother pipeline to AR which further encourages businesses to focus on investing and developers to do innovations in the AR app world.

Let’s see what supports are provided by companies like Microsoft, Apple and Facebook for AR focused mobile app development.

  • Microsoft was the first mover which created ground to educate the market about potentials of augmented reality mobile app capabilities. Though the distribution for the development kit was quite limited but company’s HoloLens has been proved to the leader in the AR market. There were 16% developers creating HoloLens based apps in 2017.
  • Apple too has provided its AR kit termed as ARKit which encourage developers looking for tools and technology to rapidly build AR applications. The development framework, ARKit, lets developers easily build apps for iOS platform and experience them on iPhone and iPad. Although, there is no immediate impact of ARKit on consumers, but we will see some notable ARKit-contributed changes in the AR market in near future.
  • Facebook is here in the AR world with its Camera Effects Platform. This Facebook’s platform makes the development of stickers and 3D masks easier than ever before. These things can be overlaid onto photos and videos on Facebook’s portfolio of apps.

The technology of augmented reality is advancing with every passing day. Thanks to leading tech companies like Microsoft, Apple and Facebook which have now started to take AR related market quite seriously and are providing the best of the supports for high-level, high quality, professional-looking AR mobile app development projects.  In fact, we can are witnessing some practically useful implementation of AR technologies in Entertainment, Music, Healthcare, Retail, Marketing, Education, Military, Travel and Tourism, Automotive, Manufacturing, Fashion, etc.

Author Bio :- Sofia Coppol is a digital marketing expert in Rapidsoft Technologies, is a offshore software development company which provides Software for Education, Automation, Construction and Finance across the global. She loves to write on latest mobile trends, mobile technologies, startups and enterprises