The Most Flattering Sleeves For Your Silhouette

Sleeves are underrated: there is so much talk about how different types of garments can change your look, but we rarely pay enough attention to such an essential part of our outfits as the sleeves and the shoulders. You would be surprised how much you can achieve with the help of few simple tips for choosing the best types of sleeves for your figure.

Why are Sleeves important?

The way the garment fit your arms is going to affect the total look of the outfit in either a good or a bad way. What you are usually looking for is a good balance between the top and the bottom. And that is where sleeves come in – they can optically enlarge your upper body balancing out the shape of your hips. Sleeves can be also used to create exaggerated, baggy look for your upper body, enhance your breasts or create fuller waist, so it is really important to pay more attention to that part of your outfit.

Classic sleeves and Sleeveless Garments

The most classic types of sleeves, such as short, three quarter or long sleeves are said to work for every type of figure. Three quarter sleeves are the most flattering, because they end near the waistline, so they immediately draw the eye to it. If this is the part of your body you are least satisfied with, choose long sleeves instead. Short sleeves are most universal, however if your arms are not slender it will show, so you might want to wear longer sleeves or go sleeveless. Many women with heavier upper body would rather choose any type of sleeves than go sleeveless, while in fact sleeveless and strapless dresses highlight the beautiful décolletage and the lovely curves of your upper body in much better way than dresses with short sleeves. If you have full bust and want to wear straps always choose wide ones – they will not only provide better support, but also balance your wide arms, while narrow straps will make your arms bigger.

Bell, bishop and kimono sleeves

These sleeves have very different shapes, from narrow near the armhole and wider at the cuff (bell sleeves) to wide in the arm and gathered at the hem (bishop sleeves) or wide all the way (kimono sleeves), but one thing they all have in common is the voluminous effect they provide. It’s great news for women with boyish type of figure or anyone with wide hips and slender arms. But women with heavy upper body and hourglass figure should be aware that the length of the sleeve is of immense importance: If the sleeve ends near the bust line it will accentuate it, making your bust appear fuller. If the sleeve ends near the waistline the effect will be similar – full-looking waist, probably not the kind of look you would want for yourself. Solution to consider: choose a blouse with straps, which can be tied in the back or wear your blouse with a belt in contrasting color to highlight your waist at

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