Brighten Up Your Bedroom With Black and White Furniture

Simplistic and elegant, if you feel your bedroom is in need of a change, modern white furniture is a good choice. White being the most flexible colour to match with your other furniture, it will go perfectly with any bedroom theme and you can rest assured it will never go out of fashion.
However one of the best ways to dress up a bedroom with white bedroom furniture is to make it stand out by mixing it with black bedroom furniture and other black decorative elements. Just use black and white and you will see the result is outstanding.
A white chest of drawers
Very contemporary, the association of black and white is a popular choice in interior decor. Rather than mixing white furniture with black furniture, a better idea is to go for pieces that already feature both palettes such as the image below. It is easy to create the same effect for your own white furniture by just painting the top and the sides in deep black.
A white bedside table
Everyone has a bedside table placed close to the side of the bed but as we like creating symmetry we have chosen this bedroom set featuring bedside tables on both sides of the bed. The two white pieces of furniture are contrasted with black bedside lamps placed on top and with black picture frames hanging on the wall.
A white wardrobe
Clean and elegant, the wardrobe is one of the most imposing pieces of furniture in the bedroom and therefore creates the more visible statement. A good way to work with the black & white is to select another large area of the bedroom such as a part of the walls and to paint it in black in order to create a beautiful modern contrast.
A white dressing table
A dressing table is often considered a feminine piece of furniture in the bedroom. Matched with a dressing stool and a couple of mirrors, it also adds elegance and luxury depending on the style you choose. Select black accessories such as picture frames, perfume bottles, candles or small lamps to display on the table in order to contrast and enhance the look of the basic white.