Green Perfection: How To Design A Yard You Can Be Proud Of

Green Perfection: How To Design A Yard You Can Be Proud Of

If you want to be the envy of your neighborhood, then design a yard that you can truly be proud of your neighbors seeing when they drive by. While it does take some work over a period of time to create the perfect landscaping, it will be worth it when you hear the neighbors discussing how beautiful your yard looks compared to theirs. Here are some points you may want to consider when designing a beautiful yard.

Create a Focal Point

Your landscaping needs a focal point as it will naturally draw people’s attention to your yard. The great news is that you can use a variety of ideas to create the focal point. You might want to build a beautiful water feature, use a giant boulder or install a group of specimen plants. Once you have decided on your focal point, then create the rest of your landscaping around it.

Use Color

Take a look at the color of your house and find complementary and analogous colors to it. Use either set of these colors to choose plants for your front yard. Using just one or two colors in your yard helps them to really stand out. Consider plants that will bloom at different times throughout the growing season so that something is always looking bright and beautiful. While you will want to limit the number of colors, choose plants with different shades of green leaves and textures to add visual interest to your landscaping.

Consider Lighting

You will want to create mood lighting for your yard. You may want to install twinkle lights along the pathway so that it is easier to see. Create a nook for relaxing with a moderate amount of lighting so that you can sit out there in the early morning and later in the day. Make sure that your house number is illuminated so that friends and family can see it, but most importantly, so first responders can easily find your home if the need arises.

Make the Lawn Green

You need the greenest lawn in the neighborhood if you want everyone to envy you, so head to the store and get some lawn and turf supplies. You will want to fertilize your yard early in the spring to encourage it to turn green and start growing. You may also want to buy some weed killer in case some weeds from your neighbor’s yard tries to invade yours. If you see brown spots in your yard, then install some new turf so that they are not visible.

When you complete these easy design tips, then expect all your neighbors to stop you and ask for advice. You can tell them the truth about using these simple tips to create a great looking landscaping if you want. Since you got the head start, yours will still look better than theirs.