How To Add Privacy To Your Outdoor Space

Outdoor Furniture

Once the weather gets warmer, we all love to spend more time in our gardens or yards. So, we always try to decorate it in the best way in order to enjoy ourselves there.

Besides the landscaping and the flowers, we should add some outdoor furniture where we can sit and relax and gather with our dear ones. And of course, we cannot forget that we should add privacy screens too.

Privacy screens are a must-have to turn our outdoor space into a peaceful retreat. They serve to keep our neighbours from snooping. Also, they can protect from the heat of direct sunlight, as well as divide the space and keep items like air conditioning units or water pumps out of sight. You can choose from various design of privacy screens and the following are just some of them.

Fence Panels

Fence panels are one of the most common choice for adding some privacy to your outdoor space. They can be quite versatile and will for sure provide protection against the wind. They also assure animal safety and of course add to the aesthetic appeal of the garden. Fence panels can be made out of different materials, including wood slats, pallets, bamboo, metal etc. Some of them can even feature some decorations, like lamps or built-in planters.

Privacy Plants

Another way to add some privacy to your outdoor space is with privacy plants. They will provide the desired privacy as well as shade to protect you from direct sunlight. Such plants can be bamboo, Boxwood, Cherry Laurel, Japanese Holy, climbing roses etc. You can choose to display them in larger pots, on trellis or even create a vertical garden out of several small terracotta pots. Privacy plants will require more maintenance than fence panels in order to preserve their shape. If you choose them instead of fence panels, then make sure that you get the ones that will grow well in your environment.

Privacy Plants


And if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to add privacy to your outdoor space, maybe you can go for some curtains. Curtains are often used for the patio area, to provide some privacy as well as to protect from direct sunlight. They are really cheap and can be found i n different colors. And they are perfect choice for small spaces, since they won’t obstruct the space like some wooden or metal panels, but will instead make it open and airy.

There are just some of the most common ways of adding privacy to your outdoor space. When making your choice, have in mind the space available, the design that will fit in that space and also the maintenance you are ready to take care of.