Which Type Of Room Divider Is The Right One For Your Home?

Book Shelves

Room dividers are a must-have if your home has an open floor plan. They will serve to divide between different areas or to create a more private space. Room dividers can be quite versatile, so there is definitely a design that can fit in your home. And this is the right place to get inspired of which type of room divider is the right one for your home.

Glass Door

A glass door is one of the most popular choice to divide between spaces. A glass door used as a room divider, can fit into different room designs, since the glass won’t obstruct to any type of decor. The room will at the same time get the desired amount of natural light, since it is not a real wood door that will stop any light. However such doors are not good if you need more privacy, because you can see everything through the glass.


Bookshelves can be another alternative to room dividers. They are really functional, since they not only serve as a divider but also provide an extra storage space for your book collection or maybe for some decorative centerpieces. If you want to add more privacy, you can opt for bookshelves closed from one side, otherwise you can choose for shelves open from both sides.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are also quite popular choice for room dividers. They can make the space open and airy when open, and provide privacy when being closed.

Double-Sided Fireplaces

Double-sided fireplaces can have double function too – dividing the space and warming the two areas. The designs can be quite versatile, some of them having the same look from both sides and others with different wall on different sides.

Wood Slats

If you are looking for a stylish room divider that will also add some warmth in your home, then you should definitely choose some wood slat room dividers. Woods slats can be found in different styles and thanks to the natural wooden look they can fit into different home styles.


Curtains are definitely the cheapest alternative to a room divider. Again they can divide the space and provide some privacy which makes them perfect choice for you if you don’t want to spend extra money.

Besides the above mentioned type of room dividers, you can of course find many other designs made out of different materials. Just make sure that you will choose the one that will add up to the appeal of your home and of course won’t make the space look smaller.