Walk Up To The Lady and Pick A Conversation

Is she one of the most attractive women you have ever met? Are you trying to gear up to get yourself noticed in her eyes such that she starts talking to you? While this is sure a good way to help people attract to you; however, there are many ways by which you can add up to the entire exercise of going to the next level of knowing the lady. So, how is it possible? Did you know that picking up the right conversation with the lady could end up in a beautiful friendship? Well, meeting and greeting a woman is just the beginning. The women of today like men with a bit of swag and loads of confidence in their talks. If you are trying to impress a woman whom you just saw at a waiting room or probably at the club, then here is how you could start talking to her.

Firstly, you need to be confident of what you are doing and what you are about to say. Secondly, you can talk about the weather. This is probably one of the easiest ways to kick start a conversation. Maybe you guys are bearing a hot summer afternoon together, standing in a line to fill out the college application form or maybe you are waiting outside an office for an interview. Whatever is the reason, weather is something that you guys are experiencing together, by default. Hence, it can serve as one of the best possible ways of catching up a quick bit of conversation with her.

Talk about the wait going too long and the need to still keep the wait going. And if you are smart enough, then, you could wait for her to complete her part of work as well. She would be quite impressed with your gesture to offer her your time. Maybe you could ask her out for a cup of coffee in return to all the heat and wait that you guys went through.

Starting up a  good conversation starters with an attractive lady is definitely not a tough job. All you need is the confidence to being the talks – could be the weather and could be the hot sun too. You could also give the situation a lighter moment by letting the lady know how awkward it was for you to know someone in this situation. Give her a bit of laugh that you would have preferred a better location for your first meet with her. Give her a compliment for being such a wonderful company even in this hot sun. Thank her for catching up with you.

While these are good conversation starters, getting things in control is also equally important.  Here are some quick pointers that you must keep in mind –

  • Do not over exaggerate things
  • Do not make it but obvious that you were attracted to her
  • Always try to make it a point of coincidence that you had an opportunity to meet her.
  • Give her a compliment to make her feel good and special. Compliments will make her know that she definitely stood out of the clutter and is beautiful. A good compliment is definitely a great beginning to a friendly relationship with the woman that you are attracted to.
  • Allow her an opportunity to know you and not get into any kind of a false impression.  It takes a lot of effort to be the gentleman and let her know your friendly nature towards her – after all you found her to be attractive and started up a good conversation with her.