Complete Guide For An Adventure Trip Of Sundarban

Sundarban is a gorgeous place situated in the south 24 paragons district of West Bengal, India. This beautiful place has been declared a world heritage site by the UNESCO in the year of 1987. The place has beautiful confluence of two major rivers of India, Ganga and Brahmaputra. The largest delta makes this site, highly productive and rich. This is the reason that, this place has the biggest mangrove forest in the entire world. Sundarban is a soil or land where the whole Indian nature is embellished to the excellence. Sundarban exactly means beautiful forest and these qualities are going with the name of this place correctly.

Sundarban Tour

Highlights of Sundarban

Sundarban is completed itself. Greenery, wildlife, rich aqua fauna, flora and mangrove forests make this place more attractive and amazing. When you plan a Sundarban Tour, you must know these amazing facts:

  • Tiger reserve: Bengal tigers are the main centre of attraction in Sundarban. Sundarban national park has more than 400 tigers. This number is the biggest number of tiger population anywhere in the world.

  • Wildlife: Sundarban also hosts the biggest wildlife chain in the national park. This park has the biggest number of tigers as well as other wild animals. This national park is a home for the animals like cheetah, Indian Rhinoceros, Hog Deer, Javan Rhinoceros, Water Buffalo, Swamp Deer, monkeys etc. You will also see some of the reptiles like Estuarine Crocodile, Monitor Lizard and the Olive Ridley Turtle here.

  • Flora: The soil is very productive so this place is very rich in aspect of plants varieties. The variety of flora added extra magical charm and mystic beauty in this park. The park has huge range of plants, long grasses and wide mangrove forests.

Places to Visit

  • Ganga Sagar

  • Lothian Island Bird Sanctuary

  • Bhagatpur Crocodile Project

  • Sajankhali Bird Sanctuary

  • Mayadweep

  • Piyali

  • Netidhopani

  • Halliday Island

  • Kanak

How to Reach Sundarban

This marvellous place has some magnetic charm. There are number of Sundarban Travel services are available. You can plan your Sundarban Package Tour with their help. This place is not easily accessible. So, you can reach there:

  • By Air: Kolkata airport (Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Airport) is the nearest airport to reach Sundarban. Distance is 112 kilometres between these locations.

  • By Train: You will get train connectivity from Sealdah station. From stations, you will get local transports to reach Sundarban.

  • By Road: Road transportation is accessible from Kolkata to reach to Sundarban. By using road ways, you can easily reach nearest places like Namkhana (105-kms), Sonakhali (100-kms), Raidighi (76-kms), Canning (64-kms), and Najat (92-kms). After this, you have to use waterways to reach Sundarban.

Plan most amazing and hilarious trip to Sundarban in the winter season and feel proud to have such an outstanding place in your own country.