How Can Businesses Reduce Their Electricity And Gas Bills?

Due to the advancements in technology, now it has become easier to use natural resources in a cost-effective manner. One of the most important natural resources of the world is gas. It is essential for a number of tasks carried out by manufacturers as well as households. Apart from gas, another important resource is electricity, the backbone of any business in the world. However, due to the recession in the world economy, prices of both these resources are increasing, thus creating financial constraints for both individuals and business owners. To find out quick ways to save money on electricity and gas, many people indulge in unethical behaviours such as tampering with the gas pipelines or the electricity meter to lower their bills. However, now they don’t need to go at such lengths because there are easier ways on saving money on electricity and gas. Following are a few discussed:
Eliminate Extra Usage
As a company, one of the mistakes you can make is not having a strict policy against extra usage of electricity. For example, if you’re a large organization, your employees might be using gas or electricity above than what is needed. Leaving switches plugged in or heater switched on while not being present in the room are some common examples. Take care of such situations and make policies against them.
Switch to Better Options
You can switch to better non-commercial gas and electricity suppliers having better price deals for you. has advisors who can compare the energy market for you, free of charge. Businesses can easily switch their commercial gas and electricity supply to get cheaper prices and lower bills. You might be thinking “this sounds too good to be true” and sceptical that you simply have to call up the number to lower your bills. Well, the main reason you can get cheaper rates through these guys is because get bundle discounts for the customers who use their advisors.
The procedure of switching gas and electricity suppliers is very simple. Just call them and they will take your details like name, business name, email address and then notify your existing supplier and give them a specific date and time for the switchover, etc.
Daily Mail published an article quoting British Prime Minister David Cameron’s pledge to make sure homeowners to have lowest tariffs from energy firms. However, we know that such changes would not be coming into practice for businesses anytime soon. Instead of waiting for two years or so, it is better to switch to better options and start saving money, right away!
Control and Maintain Extra Electricity
Another tip through which you can save money on gas and electricity is maintaining specific hours of electricity and gas usage. For instance, if your factory begins work at 8 am in the morning and finishes 5 in the evening, set timings according to that schedule only. All extra electricity and gas usage apart from those timings can be controlled and in this way you shall be able to reduce your bills significantly.
Use Energy Efficient Copper Wires
Especially for electricity, ensure that you have energy-efficient copper wires such that maximum amount of electricity can be supplied with little usage. This can have a huge effect on your bills, whether you’re an organization or a household.
So use the abovementioned tips and see big differences in your electricity and gas bills. Another wise point to note is that since it is not a sustainable resource, it is our moral responsibility to use it efficiently and adequately.