Best Places to See Chinese Fishing Nets in Kerala

Chinese Fishing Nets

The Chinese fishing channels and nets in Kerala can be seen in Kochi, but also in many places close to the city. The best known is Alleppey but there are other equally interesting and worthwhile areas to visit. These are the 4 best places to see Chinese Fishing Nets in Kerala.

1. Backwaters by Alleppey

Alleppey is one of the popular destinations for Backwaters in Kerala. This is the classic place for picking up a boat house and sailing for a day or two on the Quiet Waters canals. The scenery is wonderful and it is a truly incredible experience. In the canals you can see locals fishing, however, the amount of Chinese fishing nets are smaller than elsewhere. Also, this place is popular amongst honeymooners as they enjoys the backwaters, houseboats and admire the nature while stay on it.

Kerala Backwater

2. Kumarakom Lake

Lake Kumarakom is one of the most beautiful areas of Kerala. It is quieter than Alleppey from the tourist point of view and less explored. There are several lodges available on the shores of the lake namely the best hotel like the Kumarakom Lake Resort. From there you can see the traditional Chinese fishing nets in Kerala.

There are some agencies that promote tours to the villages, allowing contact with local people and more sustainable tourism. On these visits you can climb the coconut palms, learn how to make rope with coconut fiber, taste toddy, coconut beer, and socialize with local people. These visits are guided by the population of the village. If you don’t want to be in villages and wants a luxurious stay then you should book any luxurious stay or hotels. Even you can book Maharaja Express Luxury Train to stay.

Kumarakom Lake

3. Region of Kottappuram

In the vicinity of Fort Kottappuram between Fort Cochin and Calicut, it is possible to visit the Portuguese fort and through a boat circuit created by the Muziris company. Visit one of the most important areas in the spice trade that crosses a network of channels near the  Palace of Paliam (Paliyam Kovilakom).


4. Cochin

In the city of Cochin’s Chinese fishing nets everywhere but near the beach Mahatma Gandhi in Fort Cochin, it is the best area to view them. The fishermen are glad to receive the tourists and in exchange for a small tip, they put the nets in order for them to see them. This is the easiest spot to see the Chinese fishing nets in Kerala. Apart from Chinese Fishing Nets, there are lots of attractions to see. It has palaces, forts, museums and backwaters to explore. Travelers keep this beautiful destination in their itinerary of Kerala Tour with Golden Triangle to admire the beauty of nature and Historical Monuments.

Chinese Fishing Nets

Kerala is one of the states which draw the visitors for various reasons. This state has everything to explore whether it is honeymoon, wildlife, nature, villages, hill stations, trekking, adventure or anything else. Not only Chinese fishing nets but you can see the beautiful culture here. From Traditional dances to authentic cuisines and Ayurveda, you will see something unique here.