Tips for Finding the Best Study Spot

Turn off the TV! Contrary to popular belief you do not study more effectively with background noise filtering into your mind. Concentration gives you power. Dividing your concentration between two tasks, like studying and listening to or watching the television, only divides your power. Rooting out bad habits like studying with background noise running rampant is necessary if you are serious about becoming a successful student.
Choose the ideal study spot by searching for a place of silence. Noise is your enemy. Select a spot conducive to effective studying by doing your noise due diligence. The search might even rule out the local library, as children and even adults can raise the level of noise a bit too high for the serious student.

Seek out Silence

Seek out a spot which affords you with complete silence. Any noisy location makes your job as a student difficult. You need to keep your focus placed on one end as you study. Concentrate on your reading, and retaining, of your lecture materials and study guides. Concentrating grows easier if you find a quiet spot free from distractions where you can study.

Scout out Your Local Library

Just because libraries are thought to be quiet spots does not make your local library the best place to study. Many libraries become quite loud after the local high school or middle school pile in after school closes for the day. Security guards might do a good job clearing off the riff raff but you are bound to face at least five to 10 minutes of screaming, or joking around and laughing, once the local school kids visit the library after school lets out. Scout out your local library after 2 PM or so before you decide to make the location your afternoon study spot.

Get Comfortable

Use a straight backed but comfortable seat to remain alert yet relaxed as you set out to study. Sitting with your back straight helps you to focus on the task at hand. Avoid slouching or hunching over your books. Never study on a cushy couch or chair. You are apt to pass out or fall asleep if your place of study provides you with supreme comfort. On the other side of the spectrum avoid sitting in a rock hard chair or on a bench as the pain and discomfort associated with uncomfortable seating can distract you from your studies and lower your knowledge retention rate.

Your Room Might Be the Best Spot

If you live in a relatively quiet neighborhood without multiple siblings running around the house you might find the best results by studying in your bed room. Buy yourself a sturdy desk and comfortable, straight backed chair. The investment is worth it in the long run.
Do not study in bed. You likely associate your bed with sleeping. It is difficult to acquire knowledge if you are thinking about sleeping or feeling sleepy during your studies.

No Perfect Environment Exists

Unless you have access to a sound proof room you are likely to face a few obstacles studying. Be at peace with the fact that no perfect study environment exists. You can become a successful student by finding a quiet spot, putting in time to study each day and remaining hungry to succeed in the classroom, no matter what.
Try the library, locations around your home and if all else fails, maybe you can switch things up by finding a quiet spot in nature.
You improve as a student when your study habits improve. Test to see where you seem to acquire information with greater ease. Find your study sweet spot and you can retain your study lessons and excel academically.
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