Things To Know Before Think About SEO In 2017

SEO changing every day and is always evolving.

SEO is not same as old days SEO.

After seeing the ranking and website on top of google search engine who have used SEO, millions of users flood the digital marketing to get a piece of SEO pie.

Some people think that they will write a few blogs, sit back, and watch the traffic will roll in. Craziest people!

There is myriad list of fake SEO companies and blogger that hold a wad of cash in their hand promising and guarantee you the top ranks, and traffic, if you buy their SEO and content writing services of how to get rank and traffic and sales. After watching this you go crazy and hire them and they start banging on the keyboard hoping to strike white gold. It’s what we call, “Spartan SEO”.

After a few months you will notice something that 15-20 visitors saw your web & mobile app yesterday, and your bank account is as dry as the Arabia desert. You’re losing steam, and a helpless feeling is taking over.

What if the old days of SEO is dead? What if SEO doesn’t roll in like it used to?

Reality is kicking in.

My dear friend SEO is change and the old ways of “SEO is Dead” or I must say spamming is dead. You can’t just write few piece of content publishes it on blog and expect the people to flood in tomorrow, next week, or even next month.

You must work hard for it. Why?

Because Google become more and more stick and update and roll out their algorithm in real-time. Google now offer best results to their users and dominate the world with the greatest results in the knowledge realm.

Good for them. Bad for you.

Or is it?

Don’t lose your hope SEO is still a thing of the present and you can still get it.

In this post I will share with you few SEO factors that will help you into becoming an SEO machine.

It is exciting. Let’s Go!

Here are few things to consider when diving into SEO in 2016;

  1. The SEO world is Completely Changed:

 As I already said that SEO is not same as the old days SEO. The heroes of 2008 won’t be the same as in 2016.  These days we are push a little harder for getting high quality links and fight a little stronger for our traffic.

As SEO is taught Est job in 2016, it will be harder to find good resource for back link building and traffic. However, there is still some niches out there waiting to be unlocked.

  1. Backlinks are harder to get:

 You think guest posting is the way of good link building than you are in dark. It was the best way to get links but now it is the way of the past.

I will say Guest posting is good only for traffic and relationship building is not the good way of get links.

Matt Cutts stated that guest posting and link building was dead.

Blog commenting is not a good technique of getting links and in bio section of post. Google wants you to get links from places that is nearly impossible.

Why so strict? Google know if Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journals, Huffington Post, Forbes, or even entrepreneurs is linking to you, you have something of value to share.

The high authority and quality of links are the hardest to get.

However, if your friends are bloggers who love you like no tomorrow, then they’ll be more than glad to link to you.

  1. Responsive Design is everything:

 Google recently released its search engine guidelines and after reading its 160 page document one think is clear to me that design means more than ever before. They plan to check out websites based on design and its coding stranded.

If your web design is looks duplicate and spammy, you get a low score and may be penalty. If it looks professional and responsive, you get a high score.

Nobody knows what google consider in your website related to its design. How will they scan every website out there? No idea.

Wait and see.

  1. Longer Content is always better:

Content is king and play important role in your website ranking. Long content play important role because Google sees the word count within every post. Google use this as a factor when ranking your site’s position

Content is huge as you know, and Google sees the word count within every post. They use this as a factor when ranking your site’s position.

Buffer recommends 1,600 words based on a study performed on Medium.

Final Words:

After reading this post, and letting this set the stage, you can create a good strategy that has potential for SEO success before diving into SEO.

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About The Author:

Ashish Sharma is a Key Account Manager, looking after Marketing Strategies and building new business tie ups at WeDigTech – A Web Development Companies in LA . Focused on helping enterprises StartUps from domestic to MNCs.


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