Latest SEO Updates 2018

Latest SEO Updates 2018

It’s time to game up your SEO strategies with the latest updates. Similar to other disciplines, SEO is no exception, when it terms to advancement. The disciplines are the most versatile and play a predominantly a prime role when the success of the business is concerned. The recent development in the SEO has made the competition tougher as compared to previous times where companies are now more focused towards providing high-quality content which makes their site pop up when search engine refines the search results. Behold as I present you the latest SEO updated for 2018:

  1. Mobile-Friendly Websites

With mobile in hand of every single human being over the face of the globe, it is important for the companies and individuals alike to develop their website with mobile as the foundation. Individuals seek more shortcuts when searching is concerned evident from the tenfold increase in the mobile searches over the two years. The SEO rule Google has alone generated almost 90% of mobile searchers. Therefore, to keep the SEO game strong, it is essential that the website which is mobile friendly be developed. They should be able to adapt to various device sizes, making it convenient for the user to search their way out.

  1. Optimize for Voice Search

The voice search is the new jam in the SEO game. Believe it or not, we have become the slave of the device and prefer convenience over anything, be it as little as typing the word “word”. Users, in order to satisfy their curiosity, search the internet; with voice search, this process has been made more trouble free with just pronunciation. Voice searches have improved the user experience and search accuracy. Further, they also use long-tailed keywords which make the pop up of the only relevant website with rich answers. Such as, you just have to speak professional resume writing and a list will pop up with all answers.

  1. HTTPs (Use of SSL Certificate)

The rave of HTTP has never been dull, however, a new SSL certification has emerged named as HTTPs. By switching to the HTTPs, the connection is made more secure, if you are a retailing website or offer online payment option to the user, replacing HTTP with HTTPs will enhance the protection of the user’s valuable information. Further, moving to it also improves your search engine ranking because of Google HTTPs integration in its algorithm. It further improves the trust of the user in the website, which automatically enhances the website traffic.

  1. Use of AMP

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, which means making the website pages more mobile friendly. As these pages contribute to the Google News carousel, therefore, the search engine ranking also improves. The search engine, combined with the tremendous increase in the mobile users across the globe, better targets the pages of the website. Therefore, the website must centralize their strategies according to it.

  1. Focus on User Experience (UX)

The main motive behind SEO is to answer the query of the user, to present a solution to his problem. This motive accomplishment is not possible when the website fails to deliver the required user experience to the user. The user experience is the base, up until and unless, the website is not provided with the smooth website navigation and pleasant experience, the higher ranking is not possible. Furthermore, only quality refined content should be uploaded to efficiently answer the questions of the user along with relevant visuals.

  1. Snippets in Search

Snippets have become an important part of the search results. It is gathered from the page which fulfills the user curiosity. It is concerned with the making of the content rich. Integrate these featured snippets to boost your website ranking.

Concluding Remarks

The SEO world is ever changing; therefore, the professionals in the field are required to remain up-to-date with changing dynamics of the environment. The further projected changes for the year include the enhancing of the user experience by going to the next level. Make sure you have a full grip of the updates to further elevate your website ranking in the search engines.