4 Best Forms Of Play That Entertain You

Today, a city offers so many different kinds of entertainment. If I were asked to state my preference, then I would volunteer to watch a play. Plays in Bangalore today are so varied. You can pick and choose what you wish to go and see. Let me give you some options for this January 2015.

1. Maryade Prashne

Maryade Prashne is a Kannada drama of one and a half hour in length. It is a play about four youngsters. They go on a road trip, which ends in severe consequences. They are from various socio-economic backgrounds and the close interaction in this road trip brings out their thoughts about various issues that plague our society. They talk about the problems of migrants, the gender problems and issues relating to money power.

The play is directed by S Surendreanath and the cast includes Shrunga, Sandeep Jain, Ujvala Rao and VarshaHegde.

Place: RangaShankara, JP Nagar, Bangalore; Date: 02.01.2015 & 03.01.2015; Price: Rs 100.

2. Misunderstanding

Misunderstanding is a Kannada comedy one-act play of one hour and fifteen minutes long. The play was originally written in Italian by Dario Fo and was called The Virtuous Burglara. This has been translated into Kannada by K.V. Akshara. As the name suggests, the play deals with misunderstanding, confusion and loads of comical elements.

The play is directed by Sanchari Vijay and the cast includes Prasanna Shetty, Nisha Gowda, Girish Bhat, Ujwala Sathyashree among others.

Place: RangaShankara, JP Nagar, Bangalore. Date: 04.01.2015. Price: Rs 100.

3. Bechara Maara Gay

Bechara Maara Gaya is a Hindi satire of one hour ten minutes length. This is an adoration of Dario Fo’s Accidental Death of an Anarchist. The play deals with the massive amounts of corruption that is so prevalent in our society. The plot is based in North India, and it deals with the investigation of the death of a suspect in custody.  The suspect was accused of a train bombing. What causes even more pandemonium is when an imposter enters the chamber of the Deputy Commissionaire of Police as the presiding judge. This case of mistaken identities causes the officials to more or less confess their crimes. It might be a slapstick none the less it brings out the rampant corruption in the system to the fore.

The play is directed by Ashwini Kumar Chakre and the cast includes Pranay Pandey, Faiq Ghazdhar, Nitin Sharma and Abhimav Kimothi among others.

Place: RangaShankara. Date: 07.01.2015 & 08.01.2015. Price: Rs 200

4. A Moment of Memory

A moment of memory is a multilingual drama. This is an experimental drama played out by four performers, who question their overall existence through their memory. This performance is very intimate with only 10 to 12 audience members allowed for each performance.

Place: Atta Galata, Koramangala, Bangalore. Date: 09, 10, 11 January. Price: Rs 250.

Place: Shoonya, Brahmananda Court, Bangalore. Date: 23, 24, 25 January. Price: Rs 250.

Go and watch Plays in Bangalore today. Enjoy the experience and it will not be too long before you turn into a connoisseur.