Choosing the Right Type of Double Glazing: The Criteria to be Taken into Account

Choosing its double glazing involves first deciding whether you will simply change the moving parts, or the windows as a whole (beating and dormant). Then there are different types of double glazing in which to invest, depending on your needs and your budget. You must also choose the type of joinery that best suits you.

Change only the glass part or the whole window?

Before you choose your double glazing, a key question arises: Are you going to replace only the sash, that is to say, the movable and glazed part of your windows, or also the frame (fixed frame)? Both options are possible, knowing that your energy saving depends on the tightness of your openings and that it is very important that your frame is in good condition. Remember that if you opt for the replacement of the wings only, you lose on the glass surface and therefore in brightness. Indeed, your double glazing has a frame that adds then to the existing frame. Before choosing a particular solution, it is advisable to call a professional who will know how to evaluate the quality of your dormant and to advise you to the best.

What type of double glazing?

There are several types of double glazing. The thickness of the glasses, such as the distance between them, may vary. For example, 4/12/4, lenses 4 mm thick, separated by a 12-mm air or gas knife. It should be noted that the greater the distance between the two panes, the better the insulation. More expensive, the double glazing with gas (argon or krypton) offers better thermal insulation.

In the case of the VIR, double glazing with reinforced insulation, a coating layer is placed inside the glasses, offering insulating power two to three times higher than ordinary double glazing. The price is higher and it all depends on your insulation needs as well as your budget. You can also opt for a triple glazing. Its insulation power is very high, but know that it can reduce the brightness and that is therefore not recommended for parts with the little glass.

What type of joinery to choose?

The wood: It is highly appreciated for its aesthetic side. It is often more expensive but its insulation power is the best. It requires a coat of paint or stain on the outside about every ten years.

The PVC:  It is widely used as it has good insulating power while being the cheapest material. It does not require any maintenance, but it is not suitable for large formats.

Aluminum: A little less efficient in terms of insulation, its price is between that of wood and PVC. It requires no maintenance and is ideal for large formats.

Mixed wood and aluminum: Its insulation power is excellent. The aluminum part placed outside does not rust and requires no maintenance, while the wood brings an aesthetic touch to your interior. This is the costliest solution.

Sound insulation, an element of the double glazing to be taken into account

In addition to thermal insulation, the installation of a double glazing allows you to benefit from a more effective sound insulation. Your choice must also be made according to your needs in this matter. In this case, it is necessary to take into account, on the one hand, the thickness of each pane and on the other hand the spacing between the panes. The reference point to be taken into account is the CEKAL AR (for reinforced acoustics) coefficient. It varies from AR1, which reduces the sound level from 25 to 28 decibels, to AR6, recommended in the case of regular passages of aircraft or trains.

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