Helping Yourself through Career Counselling

Understanding its Need

As per various reports prepared by government and non-government agencies after in-depth research, today we are moving towards a creative age where creativity that includes social intelligence and analytical skills determines success in every sphere of life. Nowadays about 80% of people are working in the service industry where taking good decisions, team spirit and understanding other people are the necessary traits to achieve success. The marketplace is changing and to fit into it you have to assess your qualities so that you remain viable to this scenario. Career counselling is a good option through which you will understand your capabilities better and adapt accordingly.

What to Expect from Career Counselling

Generally career counselling services are offered as one-on-one basis or through workshops. But the objective is the same, to deal with everything related to career development. It includes parameters like self-assessment, setting of goals, and career plans etc. A meeting is arranged between you and a counsellor (one-on-one basis) or you join a career workshop as a member. Counsellors will analyze the present state of your career, your future expectations, skills, abilities and interests while exploring your career goals and objectives.
Your counsellor will first try to establish the basics and thereafter will re-create your curriculum vitae (CV) so that it reflects your capabilities and skills better. After that your strengths and weaknesses will be assessed. As you work with your counsellor, both of you will be able to illustrate an image which you will present to your prospective employer or employers. It doesn’t take much time after establishing the basics. You will be trained how to express your attributes completely and concisely. Today networking is very important for career development because there is shortage of new opportunities. You have to sell your best features within 60 seconds flat. And it is through career counselling that you will be able to present yourself most effectively.

Your Final Preparation

The fundamental objective of counselling is to help you prepare and to achieve this goal, you will be taught about the important steps. The process includes knowing your niche market, the next step to take and the requirements of the position you are aspiring for. You will also be taught how to build confidence through self-knowledge and promote yourself. The more you prepare, the more you will acquire knowledge about your prospective employer or employers, the position and yourself. This will increase your chances of becoming the key candidate.

Additional Skill-building

Nowadays counsellors also stress on developing transferable skills. The job market has become very challenging and employers give more preference to people who possess skills like critical thinking and making decisions on the go. These are the skills which you gather throughout your career. Your position and resume are not the only parameters that can assure you career success. You must develop the ability to think out of the box and demonstrate with conviction that you are the right candidate. A fruitful stint with career counsellors will teach you how to sell and promote your skills to prospective employers.