3 Smart Tips For Buying Used Auto Parts

You may be shocked on starting your used auto parts search. If your car is on the fritz or if you’re suffering through a major repair the last thing you want to hear is that a used auto part will put you back hundreds or thousands of dollars. No car owner wants to pay new part prices for used parts but a combination of dishonest dealers and ignorant shoppers can create this perfect storm of ridiculous overcharging.

If you patiently shopped around for a few days – let alone a few hours – you can easily spot sky high premium prices and move on to the next dealership.  You can get low, reasonable prices on dependable auto parts if you know the right steps to take.

Even though you likely needed your parts yesterday have some posture and be just a bit more patient. Think of the big picture. Spending just a little more time doing research to find the best deals can add up to monster savings for the long run.

Use the Internet to Start Your Search

Check out huge online databases and after finding the part you need look for local salvage yards and dealerships which stock the part. Price the auto part.  Hop onto a few online sites to do a search for the part and don’t forget to add shipping. Competitive pricing may mean that having a moderately-sized part shipped to your home will be less expensive than buying the auto part in person.

Just make sure to note when the part will arrive. Some ETAs may span weeks or months if it’s a large part of if it’s shipping from international locations. Check the ETA before you order.

Double Check

Whether you verify the auto part number with the dealership or you are salvaging at a local yard double check before you make the buy. A set number of parts may be fully unique to certain transmissions. Starters, alternators, sensors, modules and computers are not immune from this quality. Make sure you check to see if the part you’re buying is indeed the part you need before you place an order or purchase the part.

Be Civil

If you’re haggling for a used auto part you’ll get the best price by being the nicest person. By being nice, fair and honest in asking for a reasonable price you’ll be doing the other party a favor. You’ll only be overcharged if you’re a dishonest jerk. Be smart. Be nice. Do your homework to find a fair price. Work with the other party. They likely want to move the part as soon as possible and you need the part for your ride. Both parties can get what they need by meeting halfway in an honest, thoughtful fashion. Stop trying to drive hard bargains. Be fair. Offer a fair price and haggle with integrity to get the auto part that you need at a good price.

Whether you wish to pull salvage parts or visit the local dealership use these tips to buy dependable, fairly-priced auto parts today.