5 Ways To Make Your Home Safer

Whether you’re looking to withstand natural disasters or just prevent everyday injuries, everyone stands to benefit from some improved home safety. If you’re looking to protect your loved ones and belongings, then these five home safety tips are for you.

Prepare for Fires

5 Ways To Make Your Home Safer

Fires and smoke inhalation are some of the most common causes of household death, so preparing for a house fire is absolutely essential. First, you’ll want to regularly, about once a month, check that your smoke detectors are working and turned on so that you’ll be aware of any potential fires.

Then, go over a fire escape plan with your family and run drills every two to three months. This will make sure everyone is ready to safely escape a fire if need be.

Identify Risk Zones

Walk through your home and consider where some of the hazardous areas for everyday injuries are; these can be loose rugs, areas with exposed wires, dimly lit staircases, etc. While typically benign for adults, a fall or other household injury can be extremely dangerous for children and the elderly, so go through and ensure that these issues are fixed and your home can stop being high-risk for trouble.

Guard Against Poisoning

5 Ways To Make Your Home Safer

Seriously consider how protected your children are against potential poisoning. Are your medications safely out of reach? Could your children access your cleaning supplies? Consider what products could be harmful for a child to ingest, and make sure they’re securely locked away.

Repair Safely

5 Ways To Make Your Home Safer

The risk of a home injury skyrockets when maintenance is being performed, so make sure any work being done on your home has the proper protections. This means no exposed wires left unattended, children should not be allowed near the construction zone, etc.

Bolt Down Furniture

You obviously wouldn’t bolt down a couch, but for other heavy furniture, ensuring that it’s properly secured can be a life-saving protection during earthquakes. The best furniture to secure are tall pieces that are more likely to fall on top of someone, like bookshelves, cabinets, large display stands, etc.

Protect Your Home

The home is supposed to be a place to feel safe and relaxed, so make sure that your family can feel protected within the home. By using these five simple tips and tricks, your home and family will be infinitely safer after just a few home improvements.