Pink: A Color That Dominates Indian Women’s Clothing

From early era, the colour pink has always been a symbol of feminity. Indian women adore the colour when it comes to every day ethnic wear. As a result, of a recently conducted survey, it has been found that pink and blue is the most preferred colours by Indian women when it comes to buying traditional clothes for them.

Nearly 28.5 percent of Indian women like to wear or buy pink, when they are on a shopping spree with their girl-friends, reveals a customer survey organized by an online ethnic wear site.Yellow, Red, Green or Orange—whatever colour it is we know how these are already long forgotten now. However, blue is still at second place after the leading one—Pink.

Pink colour is believed to be a colour which signifies the beauty of a woman. No wonder when a woman wears saree of pink colour, all eyes turn to have a look at her prettyself. She gets all the attention she wants along with the special recognition from people she has known but never interacted with.

Many colours came and faded, but pink remained the same—from baby pink to hot pink; from cameo pink to orchid pink—it has varieties which have always attracted Indian women. No matter if the climate is windy or is it spring, pink can embrace your body at any point of time.

Although, it’s obvious how ladies love pink more than anything, still following are few reasons which can prove that ‘why pink is the favorite colour of Indian women’-

  • Since we Indian women have a medium brown towheatish skin, pink is the primary colour that would work on us as any dress we would like to try upon.
  • The complexion of an Indian woman looks more radiant, in the bright or warm shade of pink.
  • Fiery pink is believed to be the most preferred colour by Indian women when they go shopping for sareeor salwar suit. Asari of the same colouris purchased more than salwar suit of the same colour.
  • We, Indian women somewhat lack in the field of sharp jawlines and defined cheekbones, so instead of a harsh colour, we prefer to choose a shade of pink that goes well with our skintone.

From sarees to suits, pink has always ruled the hearts of women and will rule their hearts, no matter what innovations or introductions will come or will be introduced. Pink has always been the favorite color of almost all the women.

No matter what agegroup they belong, whether it is about a sweet kid or a new-born; a teenage girl or a woman—pink has always ruled everyone’s heart and that will not change anytime any soon. The grace a woman holds while wearing something pink says everything about her personality, her attitude towards life and her way of holding herself. Pink is the epitome of same grace, which every woman would like to include in her clothing—be it traditional or western.